Monday, December 9, 2013

Personal Challenges and Just Letting Go

I have no idea where my days are going.  Already four days have passed since I last posted here and find I'm behind again sharing my daily sketches.

This one I took great care in trying to get my perspective right.

Next I decided to take on a couple of my challenge subjects I normally struggle with.....faces and multi-petaled flowers:

I chose three of my family members from photos with the goal just to get the facial features to be convincing.  Two came close to resembling the person while the third in my eyes is way off.  At least I think I achieved my primary goal.

Multi petal flowers tend to intimidate me so I chose a couple I've wanted to sketch but kept putting off.  To help myself, I chose to follow instruction given by Janet Whittle.  Once I feel more confident, I will try using a live model or photograph to work it through myself.

After trying to be so precise in my sketching, I took a break with this next page.  I wasn't concerned about perspective and with a care-free attitude, just dived in with pen and ink.  Used a wetter feeding pen marking boldly.  It felt great...............very liberating :-))

I'd like to feel this way more often.  To me the results are more spontaneous and "alive".  Often I feel my work is too carefully thought or planned out..........too stiff.

Top is from imagination and the bottom from a photograph.

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