Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15th Sketches

Here are the sketches finished for today.  I started two others and hope to finish tomorrow if I get a chance to.

This first is from the site called Paint my Photo where artists can use copyright free photos for their artwork.  The page indicates the photographer and search word used to locate this still life.

Worked in the Zeta journal using the bent nib Hero pen with Lexington Gray ink, and watercolor.  Used a white gel pen for the subtle lines in the glasses lens.

Using the Hero takes some getting use to because depending upon the angle the pen is held determines the line width produced.  A very wet feeding pen I had to be careful allowing to dry on this paper before resting my hand to work on another area.

The next sketch is from a group project initiated by Ed Huff.  He shared two photographs for architectural practice and this is the one I chose.  Also looked up on Google Maps Street view for other angles.

This was worked in the small Moleskine WC sketchbook.  I would have been kinder to myself had I chosen a larger format sketch because I had to fit a lot of detail in a very small space.  I had to leave some detail out.

Used my Platinum Carbon pen with Lexington Gray ink.

From the Google Maps Street view, this little area grabbed my attention that sits across the street so I sketched it on the facing page to go along with this building.  Same materials used.


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