Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 18th through 24th Sketches

Wow..........where did the last few days go?  Here's me catching up yet once again :-/

This is one where I was just messing around after viewing a catalog.  One particular ad made me laugh about weight loss and I decided to capture in my journal book.   Worked in the Moleskine watercolor journal.

 Received my first square format journal made by Global Arts called the  I've used these journals in the portrait format and liked them OK for what I enjoy include watercolor.

The mushrooms are from a photo I took last year the day after a rain where they just sprung up over night.

For the lettering in the heading, I actually used a brush.........a small angular flat.  Then used a blue watercolor pencil to add the line emphasis on each letter and the rest of the writing on the page.

My Uniball 151 .38 Brown Black pen was used for the line work and finished by applying the watercolor wash.

This next page in the square journal is of a stuffed bear I have that has a palette in one paw and brush in the other.  Used a Micron 01 Light Brown pen for this one.

Terry bought me a bouquet of mixed flowers New Year's Eve and they lasted two weeks.  He picked me up another but for some reason started wilting within just a few days.  These little carnations are still hanging in there and I wanted to record them in my journal.

In a group I'm in, we are still working on a project where we sketch from photo references of houses or buildings within our area.  This first is what caught my attention rather than the building and I sketched in the Generic Sketchbook.

House sits on East Main Street in Clarksburg, WV


After I worked the tree, I chose a portion of the house and worked it in the square

Here is me just messing around trying a few things that really didn't work out all that well. 

The left page is OK but didn't like the shadow in it.  Plus I didn't give the washes time to dry between layers.

The right is where I was attempting to get an embossed look and wasn't all that happy about any of the attempts.

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