Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25th Sketches

With this post, I do believe I'm finally caught up :-)

Working in the, I decided to work a 2-page spread of one of my palettes and color chart.  In fact I have a small watercolor chart very similar to what's here that I place under the clear removable plastic palette nested in the top cover.

The palette is my all time favorite which when it first came out was called the Homee palette.  Now it is sold by another manufacturer and comes in two colors rather than just the blue that I have.

And this page represents some of the ceramic figurines one gets in a box of Red Rose tea.  We collect them and give to the granddaughters.  Terry thought I might want to sketch them so I worked this first page trying to capture from a view I don't normally attempt...............look down.

I would balance one of the figurines on the actual sketchbook and then try to sketch right next to it exactly what I saw.  It was definitely a challenge but one I'm glad I did.

After the line work, I added a quick wash of W&N watercolor to each.  Then I took watercolor pencils matching color for shading and shadows.  The pencils were used dry.

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