Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 28th and 29th Sketches

For yesterday I worked a sketch of another miniature bear we named Violet.  I like working in graphite first as I become familiar with the shapes.

Worked in the Generic Sketchbook with a Staedtler Mars Lumograph 7B pencil

And this is a page with me doodling various trees and rocks from imagination.  I was trying out a different pencil stroke for trees rather than what I normally use which is the squiggly stroke.  Pencil leads mentioned on the page.

And for today's sketch I decided to sketch what my youngest son's favorite toy and past time were.  He was always collecting matchbox cars and trucks and would sit for hours on end playing demolition derby.  And he made sure they looked like it to by smashing them with rocks or a hammer.  Having all boys was such a treat with their mischievous antics and play time.  What I had was a house full of legos, transformers, and matchbox automobiles :-)) 

Worked in the Generic Sketchbook using a 7B pencil and I made this into a personal exercise where I worked with a subject I'm not used to sketching and doing so not allowing myself to erase.  I know I have lots of practice ahead of me getting perspective right but then that's a weakness regardless of what subject I choose.  Besides not erasing, I didn't allow myself to spend too much time on each illustration.

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