Friday, June 13, 2014

More Pens

This is the second page in my Stillman & Birn Beta journal showing more of the various type pens I have.  Not all as there are still a few others.  Winsor & Newton watercolors used for all with a #8 Round and a 3/8" Angular Flat

Tombow Dual Marker pens - I have several in all different colors but my favorite is the black because a wash can show different colors when dry that makes up the black....particularly blue and red or mauve.

Rotring - I have two different nib sizes in this pen.  There are cartridges made for this pen that is a very deep rich black.  The ink seems to explode when you add a water wash to it.  Can make for some really nice ink and wash sketches but a little does go a long way.  I normally use an angular flat to help control the amount of bleeding when water applied.

Dip Pens - I love these two pens particularly the brownish colored barrel due to the type nib on it.  I have no idea when or where I picked these up.  I use these when wanting to use other color inks I fear messing up my fountain most browns.

Micron - Good ole Pigma Microns.  :-))  I have these in various colors and various nib sizes.  For a nice consistent permanent ink line, these are the way to go.  Normally I prefer the variation in line with fountain pen nibs but sometimes I like the consistency of these Microns.

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