Monday, October 27, 2014

Trip Map and House Layout

I had a blast doing these two pages.  One is of our outing this past Saturday searching out various parks near us.  The other is of the house we are renting in Florida.

Saturday Outing:

 We made a huge circle checking out four parks.  I had taken my sketchbook with me and Terry took his fishing rod to give him something to do while I sketched.  Unfortunately the areas didn't offer much to either one of us. 

First area we stopped at was Black Bass Resort.  I still chuckle each time I think about it.  Resort to me means some nice fancy place to spend the day or even camp.  Pictures on the website were extremely deceiving to both of us so when we arrived, we were rather taken back.  Turns out the resort is a small fairly run down park with rooms you can stay in and a few sites you can camp on.  They offer boat rentals but not sure I'd trust what we saw offered to rent.  Plus the narrow waterway/canal was pretty grown over.........which isn't necessarily a bad thing but just wasn't inviting.  Nothing appealed to us so we didn't waste much time there.  Plus the bait shop said it was open but no one was there :-/

Second stop was as Marsh Memorial Park.  It was a nice little park with playground and picnic areas all under nice shade.  Evidently not a very busy park as no one else was there.  The one plus we found a boat ramp where we could launch our kayaks headed out this narrow canal to the larger lake (Lake Yale).

Next stop was Idamere Park.  A definite inviting family park off another lake.  In the center of the circling drive/parking area was a really nice fenced in dog park with lots of trees to offer shade.  We have a dog park near us but it's all in the open.  There was a really nice play ground and picnic area with pavilions you can rent and tables, etc. all around.  The park was in fantastic shape..........very well kept up.  There were people there to include a child's birthday party with kids everywhere.  That was the closest to anything interesting me to sketch but I elected not to.  Not this trip.

On the other side of the play/picnic area was a very nice pier with two bench seats looking out over the small lake.  The pier is a bit high so fishing from it might be a bit challenging.  We walked around and although there was a sign showing where one can launch a canoe or kayak, it wasn't easy to get to and a long walk at that from parking area to the water.  Maybe someone 20 years younger but not us.

Final stop was PEAR Park.  We drove around both with expressions like.............. huh???!!!!  What's the attraction here???  We saw a dog park and lots of signs for biking and hiking but other than that.............let's just say we didn't spend much time there.  Maybe there are other entrances to this large pear shaped area but the two we found didn't impress us.

After several hours of driving around, in and out of the car, and walking around, we were ready to go home.

The House:

After working the trip map of Saturday's adventure, I thought I'd do a layout of the house we are renting. 

It sits on a very large lot.........3/4 to an acre of land (I think) surrounded by trees and shrubs of various types.  Flowering, fruit, oaks, hibiscus, etc.  Not to forget the various shrubs throughout the yard as well.  Some may see it as a jungle whereas we find it very appealing after living in the woods in West Virginia.  Living back in a subdivision with houses all around, we at least still feel somewhat secluded and private.

As for the house, it's definitely larger than what we left but definitely laid out differently spreading things out quite a bit and with no basement for storage.  In WV I had a huge bedroom that had enough ample space to include office and painting table.  TV and recliner plus all the normal bedroom furniture.  I didn't have to go far to do much of anything except cook and eat.

Here I'm spread out between three rooms.  The largest bedroom is back in the darkest part of the house with a huge bathroom off one side that is probably the brightest room in the house next to the closed in sun room (Florida Room as it's called here).  That bedroom is great for sleeping and where I can relax in the evening in my recliner watching TV.

That bedroom has three to the bathroom; one leading out to the living room; and a sliding glass door that opens out to the Florida Room.  THAT'S where I have set up for painting and sketching.  I LOVE the windows and the light that room gets.  Plus the room is actually climate controlled although with the western sun coming in, the room can get quite warm.  That rooms opens out to a little patio and then french doors going into the living room.

As for my "office" or main computer set up's in what is considered the formal dining room in the front of the house.  Right now it's a combination office and guest bedroom..........only there are no doors you can close.  Just two open doorways one of which leads into the kitchen.

I spend most of my time back in the Florida room.  :-)

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