Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pens, Pencils, and Brushes..........Oh My

It's amazing what one can collect through the years and not even realize it.  I've been busy going through boxes and totes trying to see just what I have.  And this is AFTER I gave art supplies away to the college art department over a year ago.

My Collection of Pencils:

Out of those in this photo, I tend to grab for the mechanical pencils first.  The Derwent Wash pencils second (right side second group down of three pencils) and the Mars Lumograph (top right group) when I think about it.  The charcoal/pencil set is new and I picked that up for the charcoal in the set.

From top to bottom:  Albrecht Durer Water Soluble Pencils; Graphitint Water Soluble Pencils; Derwent Drawing Pencils Water Soluble; and Intense Water Soluble Pencils.

In case - Derwent Watercolor Pencils and in the bag - Polychromos Color Pencils (non water soluble)

Derwent Colorsoft Color Pencils - Non Water Soluble

Stabilo Pastel Pencils - which I seldom take out to use due to the chalkiness.

Pens of all Types:

For the longest time, my go to pen has been the Pilot Prera (Clear body with green accents).  Another of my favorites is the Platinum Carbon.  I've added the Parallel Pens with my favorite being the 1.5mm for sketching.

From the time I took these photographs, I've been working with each pen trying to get to know each better.  Two in particular being the Konrad and the Lamy.

The Metropolitans I purchased for the nibs only because you can use those nibs in the Preras.  The pens were as much if not less than the nibs by themselves.  The pens are metal (which is nice) but hurt my hand so as much as I'd like to like them, I can't.

Dip Pens I like using when wanting to try various different inks and not wanting to load a fountain pen with the inks.  Most of these nibs I'll never try much less use but there are some I enjoy sketching with.

To the left are Uniball UM 151 roller pens in two different sizes.....28 and .38.  Then there are the white pens none of which I really care for.  To the right Bic Crystal ballpoints I tried for sketching.  They are OK if you don't mind wiping blobs off the points that can end up on the paper.

Showing the Bic Crystals with cap color versus the actual ink color.  Pretty close.

Also found these Zebra Fine ballpoints.  Also includes a black pen not showing here.  I found they skipped on the paper surface of one of my favorite sketchbooks.  I guess they might come in handy for something.  A bit too fine for my liking with writing.

These are the Stabilo water soluble pens and are fun to play with.  I haven't used them too often but something I want to do in the near future.

Most of these are various colors of Pitt Brush pens.  I haven't used these much at all.  Some are sets of various size points which I do use............mainly the black and sometimes the Siennas.

Top are Tombow Marker Pens in various colors.  I use the black most often.  To the left are Zig brush pens I haven't tried yet.  And then there are the different color Scroll pens............again I haven't tried.

These were purchased with the intent to learn calligraphy but it really never peaked my interest enough to follow through.  Instead I found they can be fun to use sketching.  Unfortunately some of the colors just don't fit the subjects I like to sketch.

Good ole Microns.  One of my top favorites in the disposable pen line.

For a really neat water soluble ink experience, the Rotring pens are fun to sketch with.  The ink seems to explode when a wet brush is taken to the lines drawn on paper.


I have brushes from back 30 years ago when I used to work with acrylic paints.  Then my collection started growing when I was introduced to watercolor first with Susan Scheewe brushes and then the list just grew as I tried various brands, types, and specialty brushes.

When painting fine art pieces in watercolor, I grew to like my sables but I bounce back and forth between the sables and the synthetics I have now working in my journals.  The jar with the bird house pattern is my day to day go to for brushes but normally I use three basic ones...........#6 or #8 Sable Round, #6 Synthetic Round, and my 3/8" Angular Flat.  But I do use the others depending upon the subject, the paper surface, or the medium I'm using.  I definitely stick with the synthetic brushes when working with ink and wash as I have no idea what the ink might do to the sable.

My brush collection also grew when I thought about teaching classes and wanted to offer good quality brushes to those I worked with.  Many of the extras were donated to the College Art Department but I still have a few I kept as backups (like I really need to worry about that!).  :-)

As for paints.............that will be a post all in itself!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection.. all we need now is the paints and sketchbooks! Hahaha!

Susan Bronsak said...

I'll work on that this week (huge grin)

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