Sunday, January 4, 2015

AJW January Challenges

One of the FB groups I'm in - Artists Journal Workshop - one of the admins started a January challenge with a list of prompts for each day of the month.  Although I may not follow it each and every day, I have made a good start with the first several days.

AJW Challenge Day 1 - Something that should be thrown away but hard to let go of. 

I have a tendency to collect things like this and hang on to indefinitely.............just in case I want to sketch at some point.

AJW Challenge Day 2 - A Favorite Book.

I'm sure the challenge was meant for us to sketch a favorite book we've purchased or been gifted with but to me my favorite are those journals I complete to one day pass on to my family.

AJW Challenge Day 3 - Something Industrial.

This one was a tough one for me as I looked around the house trying to find what might fit.  Until I saw what others came up with, I honestly wasn't sure what to do and instead came up with something Industrial Strength.

Although I don't have any on hand, I know they make Industrial Batteries so I grabbed three batteries I had on hand and used them as a model.  The other idea I had was cleaning agents but chose this instead.

**And no you are only seeing things....ha ha.   I did not misspell Indrial.........I mean Industrial...........eeeek!!!  :-O

AJW Challenge Day 4 - Animal

AJW Challenge Day 5 - Bridge

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