Thursday, January 8, 2015

Late Night Sketching

Here are two more I've done with pen and ink only (no preliminary pencil guidelines).  It feels like it's getting a little easier for me...........not as intimidating to start right in with ink.

This first is a couple of buds with attached stem and leaves we brought inside hoping they open up.  The weather took a nose dive in temperature falling to the low 30s.  I feared the cold snap might hurt the buds on the bush and I really wanted to see them open up.  We'll see if anything happens with these two cuttings.

This next is of a favorite shelf sitter or nic nac.  I forget what this is actually called but has a tea candle at the base you light and the flame heats up a hanging ceramic dish that holds a fragrance tart.

As I was sketching this I ran into a few little issues where I had to improvise.  One being I had to leave the dish off that hangs over the candle.  I didn't carry the arm out far enough which would have made me have to draw over top of the coffee grinder already inked in.  So I thought.........OK..........just include the chain and leave it as is which opens a viewer to wonder or mentally fill in the missing dish.  Well that's my story and am sticking to it.........ha ha.

Another little mishap I had to improvise in was the saucer that should be under the cup along with a spoon.  Rather than trying to work those in, I left them off.

And why am I telling on myself???  It's all a learning experience and maybe my sharing things like this might help someone else when faced with similar occurrences.  :-)

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