Friday, January 9, 2015

Playing with a Wizard Brush

Today I have been in a playful mood just taking brush with paint and basically slapping it onto paper in a rough shape of this bear.  I had no idea really if it would turn into anything and honestly didn't care.  If it turned out as nothing, I'd just chalk it up to page of mindless brush marks and move on.  I often surprise myself though and this is one of those times.

The brush I grabbed is the Terry Harrison Wizard brush.  I made three pools of color using Yellow Ochre, Bt Sienna, and a Violet which I can't remember the name.............all QoR pigments.

The right  page gives a general idea of how I just started applying paint to paper.  As I was slapping color on paper, my husband walked by with this quizzical look on his face like "what on earth is she doing?" 

I basically filled in the shape of the overall bear using this process.  After that dried, I did a little pen and ink to start defining features plus a little fur.  Added more brush marks with the wizard brush alternating with the colors and then after that dried, used a round with the violet for a few areas of dark.  Then one last pass with pen and ink for a few areas.

So here is the results of that playing around :-)

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