Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Other January Sketches

As usual, I'm playing catch-up sharing what I worked over the last couple of weeks in January.

These were all done finishing up the square format journal.

Strathmore Soft Cover - Gray Journal

New Handmade Meandering Journal made and gifted by Lin Frye.  Made from Arches 140 Cold Press paper.

What is a meandering journal?  It's an accordion fold journal opening up in various directions.  Lin makes hers with ribbon ties to help keep one side closed while working in one direction.  When finished, you tie that off and untie the other side working on the back folded pages.

The cover is made from matboard and I started adding a little something to the front with white marker.  Haven't finished it yet as I haven't decided what else (if anything) I'm going to add.

For those who would like to know how these are put together, check out this Video by Cathy Johnson


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