Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Late Night Sketchbook Painting

Before going to bed, I worked this page in the Delta sketchbook using pen and ink first and then adding watercolor. 

Another quick and loose rendering with pen only as I continue my practice to feel more at ease with pen and ink without pencil guidelines.

Not to say using pencil is bad as I enjoy it and use graphite to my advantage getting a "feel" for my subject.  I just hope to reach a point where I don't feel that hesitation taking pen to paper.  Even following pencil guidelines I often find myself shaky with pen in hand.  That's what I want to get past.

I'm also trying to embrace the less than perfect outcome such as wonky lines, perspective not being spot on, ellipses not being totally correct, etc.  I find looking at other peoples' work that the less than perfect makes for a really nice spontaneous look and feel.

1 comment:

Jules Woolford said...

I know you will soon be equally happy with the pen -and this is just lovely! I will always love graphite, but I understand the draw, of ink - it got me too.

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