Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Latest Sketching Efforts

I've been doing various things so sketching has been a bit hit or miss the past several days.

I had a doctor's appt Thursday and ACTUALLY did a little sketching out in public while waiting to be called back  There were a few people sitting in the waiting area but I tried not to think about that. 

Then the little stool sketched while waiting in the exam room.

Pencil while there and finished with ink and watercolor at home.

This little strap on carrier kit works perfectly!!!  Fit's the 5 x 8" sketchbooks nicely!

This one just messing around with ink and wash.....Lamy Safari and Lamy Blue cartridge ink.

And with this next one.............I was struggling trying to determine just what I wanted to sketch so I just raised my eyes and decided to sketch what was sitting right in front of me.

Another exercise in sketching faces using my nephew as a model.

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