Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Villages with Kathy Kreidler

I'm on another high today following my second day meeting "live" someone I've come to know and interact with through Cathy Johnson's Artists Journal Workshop group on Facebook........Kathy Kreidler.

Moving to Florida is proving to be such a positive for me.  FINALLY meeting and getting to spend time with people who enjoy doing what I love to do and getting me out of the house!

This morning Kathy and I met at a place called The Villages.  It was like visiting another world.  I was in awe over the architecture of this particular part of The Villages as well as all the golf carts coming and going.  So much to see and experience ........... to sketch and paint.  A place I plan to revisit many times :-)

For our first time together, we sat where I think was like a central park area surrounded by shops.  Music was playing and Kathy and I chatted as we sketched one of the buildings.  We met early before it became too hot to enjoy being out.  We spent close to two hours together.

Pen and ink plus watercolor in the Strathmore Visual Journal.


Jules Woolford said...

You are doing so well with your sketch crawls Susan!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Jules! I'm definitely loving it :-)

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