Thursday, July 2, 2015

Next Best Thing to Hummingbirds

We miss our hummingbirds here in central Florida.  Back in West Virginia, we had so many flying around and keeping us entertained. 

Our entertainment now happens to be watching these little critters scurrying around.  Even more entertaining is watching the reactions of our two cats and one of our little dogs, Miya.

When we first moved here, it was difficult to walk Miya as she kept trying to chase these.  She's settled down a bit now as her sites have changed to all the squirrel activity in our back yard.

Here lately we've seen a lot of little ones about an inch or smaller running around.  Not sure what their breeding cycle(s) might be.

Worked in the Zeta sketchbook using palette mixes that were left from a previous painting session of W&N watercolors.

Only a small amount of pen and ink was used at the end to help emphasize a few areas.

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