Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's a Start - Banana

It's been a busy time this past month or so trying to finalize the sale of our house in West Virginia (with one obstacle after another along the way) and then preparing for my eldest son and his family to come live with us for awhile as they find jobs and a place of their own.

We are one big happy family of eight - 6 adults and 2 children plus 4 dogs and 2 cats trying to adjust to living in limited space with various eating and sleeping/waking schedules.  I think we're doing pretty good too :-)

With this going on plus the digital filing organization and giving my 13 year old website a face lift, I just haven't felt much like sketching or painting.  FINALLY this morning I worked this little sketch after two sons and my granddaughters left (before daylight) to go fishing.

We have a banana tree in the back we thought was on it's way out.  Terry gave it some TLC last year and it helped perk the tree up and this year producing bananas.  I've never seen how bananas grow so this is a new learning experience for me.

This is just a little pen and ink sketch of how each banana has this little flower at the tip.  As the banana grows, this flower fades and drops off.

Worked in a square format with a Lamy Safari pen and Lexington Gray Ink

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