Saturday, December 12, 2015

Miniature Tree

A very dear friend, Hany, has been sharing photos and sketches of these miniature trees.  They are set up on tables and each are very unique in shape.

This particular one is about 5 or 6 inches in height and from one of the first group of photos Hany sent to me.  With his gracious permission, I have sketched this in pen and ink and watercolor.

Handbook; Noodler's Creaper pen; W&N watercolors.

I may be wrong but I believe this particular tree is a baobab tree.


larry said...

I love everything you do, Susan, but this plant sketch is particularly nice. I doesn't look like a baobob to me, though, because of the twisted, branching nature of it at such a small size. I think, more likely, it's one of the adneiums, which are simply awesome:

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Larry!!! I really don't know what kind of tree it is. Hany isn't sure either. You've given me another name of tree to look up ...... thank you! :-)

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