Saturday, January 16, 2016

Challenge Sketch - Pen and Ink

Now and then I like to challenge myself and this is one of those times.  Not only using pen and ink only but with a subject I find really complicated.

This camera arm used to be set up mounted from the wall with a heavy camera attached.  The camera was hooked to a small TV where I could view what the camera saw taking photos and videos.  Since the few moves we have made over the last several years, I've not been able to set this up like I had it.

Several days ago, we came up with this set-up using a broom handle and 2x4s for a base.  Mid way up the broom handle, we have a clamp holding it to the back lip of my table.  For now I have a web cam attached as we're not sure if the broom handle can handle the extra weight of a camera.  This metal arm is quite heavy.

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