Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Following an Excellent Video Tutorial - Graphite

I am always surfing the web looking at other peoples' artwork, ideas, and tutorials.  One of my favorite go to spots is YouTube as there are so many excellent tutorials shared by many generous artists.

When I stumble on a favorite, I will subscribe and this is one I just came across a couple of days ago and was eager to try.

I was so impressed by his video and ease in following the steps that I replayed and worked right along with him pausing as I needed.  What made this particular tutorial special is the fact it covered the type owls we have in our front yard hooting and screeching every evening.

Not taking credit as my own (as the credit goes to Chris) but instead just sharing what I managed from following this fantastic tutorial.   I truly enjoyed doing this!!  I love the technique shared by this particular artist, and am sure I can apply it to my own references down the road.  In addition, I truly believe a beginner would find the tutorial easy to follow as to me it was just that good.

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your methods and encouraging viewers to try their hand at it.

Worked on Bristol Smooth paper pad (5" x 5") and two mechanical pencils..........I believe one is an .07 lead and the other (which I mainly used) is a Staedtler Mars Technico with 4B lead (love this mechanical pencil!!).  I used a tortillion to smudge the graphite as I worked the layers.

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