Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Bird for Me

Yesterday I happened to be looking outside my Florida room when a bird grabbed my attention when landing on one of the arms of our bird feeder pole.

I eased up closer to the windows and saw it was a bird I'd never seen before.  I debated whether I should bother running for my camera or not as I figured by the time I chose to do so, he'd fly off.  However, he didn't.  I managed one photo while on the feeder arm but he then swooped down to the ground and up in the tree immediately above.  As I aimed my camera, he flew up to another branch but then stayed there long enough for me to get a few photos.

As a bonus to capturing a bird I hadn't seen before, he had breakfast in his mouth but I had no idea until I pulled the photos up on my computer.  Lucky shot for me!

I've surfed the internet trying to identify this bird and even posting on Facebook hoping someone might recognize it.

Between a few people saying what they thought it might be and my surfing the net, I've narrowed it down to two main possibilities.  It's definitely a flycatcher but the actual name or type is what I'm still a little unsure of.

At first I thought maybe an eastern phoebe but the color and markings didn't quite match up with various photos I came across.  Then thought maybe a Yellow Belly Flycatcher but it appears to be rare for this area so I kind of dismissed it.  Continued looking and thought maybe a Great Crested Flycatcher or even an Acadian.  Between these mentioned, this bird leans more towards either the Great Crested Flycatcher or the Yellow Belly Flycatcher.  Due to the brightness of yellow and the two definite white wing bars, I'm really thinking it's the Yellow Belly.  If it is, then I'm extremely fortunate to have seen this beautiful bird in my own back yard.

Here is the photo and my watercolor sketch of it in my hand sewn journal.  Used a Platinum Carbon Desk pen for the line work.

UPDATE on Identification:  I now am 98% sure what type bird this guy is.  He showed up again just a little while ago and I was able to get a closer look and at a better angle where I saw his crest.  So he's a Great Crested Flycatcher.  I paid attention to his call and immediately went online to listen to sounds this species makes and the sounds I heard are identical to what this guy was making.  

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