Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Toy - 5.6 mm Clutch Pencil and First Sketch

Yesterday I received a Clutch pencil with a 5.6mm lead.  I had seen someone in one of the groups share a picture of their sketching tools and noticed one in particular similar to this.  Of course I had to go searching online and purchase one.  :-)

I'll have to do a bit more research to learn how to sharpen the point but the lead came sharpened and I had a wonderful first time using it.

UPDATE 4/22/16:  This clutch has a built in sharpener there at the end where you advance the lead.  You unscrew it and place that end cap over the lead and turn.  Easy!  

The casing is heavy but it didn't seem to bother my hand.  There are three grooves that run the length of the casing which gives it a nice grip when holding it.  They would probably help keep the clutch pencil from rolling but the clip stops that anyway.

UPDATE 4/22/16:  The more I play with this clutch, the more I appreciate the weight.  It just feels good.......balanced.

The lead was a real joy to work with.........smooth and blended well.  It was also easy to erase with a putty eraser.

UPDATE 4/22/16:  I'm still trying to find out what hardness the lead is that comes in this clutch pencil.  One individual on Amazon thinks a 6B and another thinks it's only a 2B.  To me it seems softer than a 2B but until I purchase the other hardness leads you can get (4B and 6B), I'll personally not know for sure.  Here is another page I quickly worked this morning with the lead that comes in pencil:

2nd UPDATE on Hardness:  Company wrote me back and said the lead is definitely a 4B :-)

Here is a first example worked in the Handbook.  I was a bit conservative with my darks but I'm sure this pencil lead can go much darker.  (Yep as the value chart above shows uploaded today 4/22/16)

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