Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 25

This particular sketch is from a photo taken earlier this year when my husband, youngest son and I drove out to Crystal River to check the area out for fishing.

Still using the Sailor Fude pen, I chose a section of the photo that had a lot of black area.  This pen sure made it easier to fill in all those dark areas.  And although the coverage might be streaky looking, I didn't find that so bad for the areas as it helped keep the door and windows from looking like a huge dark hole.  It kind of looks like you can see shapes inside breaking some of the black up a bit.

And with this one, I decided to take a ever so slightly damp brush to the ink lines to create a bit of tone washes.  Too wet and the ink will definitely bleed.

I'm often told I shouldn't point out my mistakes but in all honesty, I'd rather do so hoping others can learn from what I share.

I left something out and didn't realize it until after I had scanned the image and previewed the scan.  Of course there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it so I just call it a lesson learned.

I failed to add seating at the tables and yet I have a young boy sitting there to the left as you view it.  You can see his leg (dark area) near the base of the table but no seat.  It's like he's suspended in mid air in a sitting position :-)

Of course I could always say it leaves something to the viewers imagination they can fill in themselves but honestly............it was a goof on my part.........lol.

The one plus.........not many have taken notice in the groups I've posted it in.  Maybe the fact that the white umbrella takes center stage due to the contrast of it against the black helps the eye from really focusing on that little boy and the fact there's no seat for him to sit on.

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