Monday, October 24, 2016

I Am Sooooo Bad!!

Yesterday my husband, one of my sons, and I went out on the lake boating and fishing.  We've been waiting to go back out on the water after the super hot weather and rainy season eased up.  A cold front moved in across the United States bringing snow up in the northern part of the States and helped cool things down as far south as Florida.

Due to this cold front, the last couple of nights the temperature dropped fairly low..........definitely for those acclimated to the Florida heat and humidity.  I personally welcome it but a few of my family members have been here long enough they tend to think 70s is cold.

Side Note:  Now WAS quite chilly but we had to tease him a little.   And I just HAD to do this little sketch I thought of while out on the water for his benefit :-)

Using my miniature bear as a model, I worked this quick sketch in my notebook representing my son as a memory of our day out.  And this only shows a wee part of what he did to stay warm as we skirted across the lake and fished all morning long.

Pen used - Micron 03

UPDATE:  I was able to remove the notebook lines using photoshop and printed this little guy onto copier paper and added watercolor to him to match the clothing my son was wearing :-)

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