Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Monthly Challenge Between Friends - February 2018

I have a friend who's more like a sister to me, who lives in the United Kingdom.  We met through Peter Saw's Paint Doodles forum many years ago.

She sets herself yearly challenges similar to what I do for myself.  Well this year she suggested we set monthly challenges for both of us to accomplish.........each taking every other month to come up with a task we must complete in the month.

Our first challenge for January 2018 was the Indirect Self Portrait.  This month, Clare set a challenge where we choose a poem, a story, a play, or song, and come up with at least six doodles/illustrations that fit the source we choose.

I had a hard time with this as I don't listen to music and when I do, I only "hear" the melody and beat.  I don't pay attention to words.  And most often songs are about people and feelings or actions anyways.  I don't get into poetry or plays either.  And as for reading, I'm a visual reader where I pay more attention to illustrations than words......especially the older I get and the difficulty in seeing.  So this felt impossible at first.

I spent hours pouring through poems, quotes, and song lyrics.  Nothing grabbed me.  Then I thought about children's nursery rhymes and songs.  I found that they often dealt with things......people, animals, etc. 

After searching various children's rhymes and songs, I settled on one that I could relate with and with subjects I love............animals. 

Throughout my life I've always been attracted to barns and farm lands.  Maybe because my grandfather was a farmer and the fond memories of visiting him and Grandma Cain.  And, it hasn't been long ago that I made two trips to Heather Oaks Farm here in Florida with animals so this made things a little easier for me........more personal.

Do you recognize the song?

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Annie said...

What a fun idea to illustrate a children's song--love it!

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