Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watercolor Painting with Water Soluble Ink

This quick sketch was done by scribbling ink from a Tombow brush marker onto an acrylic surface and adding water as if mixing up a pool of watercolor pigment.  Water was added with a small sprayer bottle over the scribbling ink marks and mixed with a brush.  The pools of ink were then applied with brush on either dry or damp paper.  Tree canopy and taller grassy bits were using the Tombow markers directly on the paper.

Tombow markers are great to travel with and any non-absorbent slick surface (glass, plexiglass, plastic, etc.) can act as a palette (lid off of a small butter tub or coffee can as two examples).  Carry a small sprayer bottle, brush, and small pad or block of paper and you have yourself a nice little travel pack. 

As for what to carry these items in?  An old handbag can be used.  I've even carried painting gear in one of the plastic zipper cases sheet sets or curtains come packaged in.


Lynn-Art of Illusions said...

Wow! This is just amazing!!!!! That is so incredibly beautiful!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you for the beautiful compliment. I do enjoy using the Tombow Marker Pens with a water brush. Such neat effects.

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