Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Scribbler - Having a Bit of Fun

I came across a post about a "Scribbler" on Ann Mortimer's Blog.  Following the link provided, it took me to this online program page that lets you scribble and save the results.  You can use your mouse - not having to have a special digital tablet and pen.

First attempt was me just diving in without taking notice there are controls you can change (primarily brush size).

Next I thought I would try a quick landscape.  Again not checking into controls.

With this third sketch, I played with the brush size controls.  I found I had better control with elements looking a little more realistic.  The leaves and this landscape I like the best.  Although the middle one has a unique look to it.

This was indeed fun and only taking a few minutes for each.   The Scribbler can be found at:

UPDATE:  I went back to mess around a little more and learned you can change colors too.  I prefer the black on white rather than messing with the colors.

Like having a new toy...........I find myself venturing back to the Scribbler when I sit back down at my desk.  Here's another one......

Can you tell I'm enjoying this new discovery???  Just random ideas coming to my head and doodling away in between reading the news, catching up on Facebook, the forum, and texting with my brother about my nephew graduating this evening.

Play at Color Mixing

Just a little play last night in color mixing.

I'm not crazy about mixing my own greens with blues and yellows......instead, I prefer to use Sap Green (or other favorite tube greens) as a starter base adding other colors to it. Even with that said, I do enjoy making the color charts.  If nothing else they remind me of why I prefer tube greens.

For example Cobalt Blue in the Daniel Smith line (to me) has this muted/milky feel.  I don't care to use it for mixing at all.  It's value range is limited so for a dark, one has to add yet another pigment.  That for me is a quick recipe for mixing mud.

Out of the combinations I chose to play with mixing green, I prefer the Cobalt and New Gamboge mix over the other yellows used.  As for violets..........Cobalt Blue and Quin Rose.  In fact the only violet/purple I like is with Quin Rose mixed with any of the blues.  Results are cleaner to my eyes.  (Of course the other results, I'm sure,  have their place as well at times within a painting.)

Aureolin to my eyes is a 'happy' ............. 'sing to me baby' yellow :-)

3x5" Handbook

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Trashed

There was an article in "Artist Daily" (email subscription I receive) called "Getting Trashed."  The article was written by Courtney Jordan.  I found it to be quite intriguing and timely considering I've been struggling a bit again with the desire to paint.  Going into painting with the mind-set it would be trashed truly helped in allowing me to just play without any cares.

Fabriano Artistico 140lb Hot Press
1" Flat and #10 Round
Daniel Smith:  Indigo, French Ultramarine, and Cad Yellow Medium

I sprayed the paper with my water mister and then started dropping in and swishing color around.  At first it sat at an angle but then I tilted it this way and that way allowing the pigment to travel.  Now and then as it was trying to dry, I sprayed a few drops of water from up high.  Tilted the paper back and forth and then finally let it rest till it dried.

Here is the results:

I sat and stared at this for some time turning the paper this way and that to see if I could find anything that might jump out at me.  I started seeing shapes and took my round adding a little negative painting with Indigo.

The shapes I could see were butterflies and/or flower petals.  I decided to go with flowers and continued defining petals using negative painting.  The bright yellow was distracting me so I decided to re-wet the brightest areas and layer with my blues.  As the flowers took shape I also did some lifting of pigment.  Not sure you can see but the final touch was swishing two petals with Quin Rose.

The final results:

Although meant for the trash, I've decided to keep it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quick Fuchsias Sketch

It's been a busy time for us as we continue moving between houses and working outside in this beautiful weather we've been having.  We've even managed a little kayaking/fishing.  Went last Saturday with youngest son fishing from our kayaks and then yesterday with my eldest son took the two granddaughters fishing.  Had a great time both times!!! 

Although with all the busy activity, I did manage this little pencil sketch of one of our new fuchsias.  We buy two every year to hang with our hummingbird feeders.  The hummers have checked them out but definitely prefer the prepared sugar water.  These flowers remind me of little ballerinas dancing about. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Branch and Fungi Sketch

We've been busy working outside and still trying to move between the houses.  Moving is coming along but at a slow pace.  We ARE getting closer to being done (thank goodness!!).

Was sitting out on the front porch enjoying this absolute gorgeous day.  I had picked up a branch with fungi that grabbed my attention days ago with the intention of sketching/painting it.  While sitting outside I decided to do the pencil sketch.  It's done in a Moleskine sketch book with a mechanical 0.7 pencil.

(The left page I may have already shared.  That was done weeks ago - playing with rocks).
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