Friday, November 21, 2014

Mixed Subjects - Pen and Ink plus Watercolor - Alpha Journal

All worked in the Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook.

Hatching / Cross Hatching Practice

These are just a couple of pages with me playing in the cartridge sketchbook practicing ink strokes with the pen for shading, etc.

Strathmore Toned Soft Cover Journals

After reading Earnest Ward's post on these journals, I of course had to jump and order me a couple.  One in each of the toned colors.

I've started playing in both and here is a page from each.......gray and the tan toned papers.

I find scanning these papers to be a problem so I'm having to photograph to get close to the page color.  Even with that it's not exact.

Here are a few other pages in the tan sketchbook.  Due to lighting at different times, I had trouble capturing the true color of the paper.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Surprise Gift Almost Tossed

This is a pencil sketch of a gift that was included in an order of collectible snowmen I purchased online from Pavilian Gifts.  All the individual boxes were buried in styrofoam peanuts and after we took out the three I knew I ordered, I didn't bother to go any further.  The box was put out in the garage for Terry to break down for recycle.

Well last night he came in saying we almost threw this away.  At the bottom of that box buried was this little vace with a white rose attached to a wick and Rose oil....................a defuser I think it's called.  So while watching TV, I sketched it in pencil.  Worked in the Generic Sketchbook.

Mixed Bag of Journal Work

For the most part, I think, it states the reason behind each page.  I've been on a roll sketching and painting but slow to share here on the blog.

All of these were done in the Handbook Sketchbook.

Rustic Snowman

One of my favorite winter decorations is the snowman.  There are particular ones I search for and found several this year to include this soft stuffed rustic snowman.   There was a choice between sayings stitched in the body and I chose this one since I'm not going to see anymore snow where I now live.

Worked in the Strathmore Watercolor Journal using the QoR watercolors.

People Practice

Here are a few more pages I've done playing with figures. 

The first was done in the Generic Sketchbook using pen and ink first and then a bit of color added.

This second page in the Generic Sketchbook is using a manikin/skeleton shape first and then adding the flesh without erasing anything.  

This page is in the Strathmore watercolor journal using brush and paint to sketch the people and then going over with ink for final detailing.

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