Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special Note on Why I Paint

There are various reasons people take up the arts. Some do so for exhibiting, selling, teaching, etc. Some do so merely for the soul purpose of hobby and relaxation. Many of my painting pals paint as a means of creating something special for friends and family as gifts........special keepsakes. Then there are those who might paint or venture into the art realm for therapeutic reasons. This is one of my primary reasons for drawing and painting. It is therapeutic in nature for me and even more so when I share the process with others. This to me is a very special avenue for bringing like minded people together. Helping and encouraging people to find that creative self that we are all born with and concentrating in something positive in today's mentally and emotionally challenging world. There's nothing like escaping or getting lost in the process of creating. It's like the world's problems and personal life challenges cease to least for a little while.

Sample of Journaling Experimenting with Tools and Techniques

Some of my pages may look like this when I am experimenting with certain brushes or other tools or playing with techniques to see what might turn out. This is an example of a piece of sponge I fixed to a plastic stick making it easier to create sponging effects. The other end of this plastic stick is used for scraping.

Sample of Journaling by Theme

This was done last year following a trip to Myrtle Beach. I love painting cameos that remind me of events, places, and/or experiences.

Samples of Journaling by Subject

Depending on what I might be interested in painting at any given time, I like practicing subject elements like the boats shown here. Great practice for when I wish to create a full composition. These cameos are also known as doodling.

First Love - Cameos and Illustrations

One of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and great source of practice and reference as I continue in my venture is painting illustrations or what I call cameos. "Little jewels" There are times when I might not feel like painting full compositions so instead I paint illustrations.......normally following a theme I happen to be interested in at that time. Keeping journal books of these "little jewels" is as rewarding as completing a full painting that one can hang on a wall. Although I have also found that grouping together, matting, and framing cameos can be just as beautiful and fit in one's decor as can a full composition of a subject or scene.
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