Monday, May 12, 2014

Joe's Peace Lily

Normally come evenings with all the packing and cleaning, I'm worn out and ready for bed at a decent time (so not normal for me).  Last night was an exception.  I was physically tired but I wasn't sleepy.  Tired of watching TV one of my plants grabbed my attention calling out to be sketched.  This plant represents my step father who passed a couple years ago.

Worked in the Handbook sketchbook using a Micron pen and watercolor.

Trying Out New Color Pencils

Not too long ago I purchased a few Faber Castell Polochromos color pencils to try out.  These are oil based pencils and I really like how they felt applying color to this paper. 

Worked in a small Moleskine Sketchbook.

Reason for my Absence

Over the past month or so, my sketching and painting have been set on the back burner due to trying to prepare two households for a major move.

I do have a few pages in my journals I've worked but haven't uploaded to share.  Here is a quick sketch I worked one evening as I tried winding down to sleep.

This sketch is in my generic sketchbook and I believe I used a Micron 03 and 005.

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