Sunday, November 11, 2018

Self Motivation

After the last few months being on a roll sketching and then completing the Inktober Challenge, I've slowed way down.  It's like I've hit a brick wall, actually.......finding it difficult to feel motivated to pick up a pen.  Part also has to do with the time change, which I wish they would do away with.  Like many people (I'm sure), the shorter days and getting dark early plays havoc with one's state of emotional/mental well being.

Feeling as I have, I chose to work this today as a means of self motivation using one of my beanie babies and a few of my sketching tools.

As I look at this and the expression on the chimp, it's like he's saying ....... "seriously!!!???  You want me to sketch??!!!"   :-)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Couple Quick Sketches

Worked these the last couple of days still working on loosening up.

Strathmore 500 watercolor paper and Sailor Fude with water soluble ink.  On this paper the ink takes awhile to dry and I had to be careful not to smear as I worked.  I painted the color first and then sketched over with pen.

This one is an exercise that was meant to be a continuous line sketch.  Didn't quite work out that way but still helped with the purpose I chose to work this exercise.

Fabriano Venezia and Sailor Fude with water soluble ink.  On this paper, the ink was pulled right into the paper and dried quickly.  For an ink that should bleed with a wet brush, it really didn't so I was able to take watercolor OVER the ink sketch.  I'm still not crazy about painting on this paper meant for drawing.  Just doesn't have the paper surface to allow for good water media applications.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Golden Rain Tree Autumn Colors

This is one tree sitting in our front yard I absolutely LOVE!!!  Love the shape of the canopy and how it produces bright yellow flowers in the fall followed by these reddish seed pods.  Although the tree is still loaded, there are pods everywhere between our yard and our neighbors.

I found this piece of limb in the yard and brought it in to sketch/paint.  Along with it were teenie weenie spiders that crawled out on the paper as I was 

Fabriano Venezia sketchbook and Lamy Safari with Lexington Grey ink.

Wall Hanging - Watercolor

Worked this a day or so ago in the Fabriano Venezia sketchbook.

This hangs on the wall right across from my desk.  I've had this for MANY years. 

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