Monday, August 19, 2019

Tufted Titmouse in Graphite

It's been awhile since I've worked in graphite, so tonight I decided to do so only using an HB. 

I chose the Staedtler Mars Lumograph HB simply because it doesn't smudge as easily as the softer grades and I wanted to see how far I could push the value on this paper.  Paper used is Stillman and Birn Zeta.

For weeks we didn't see the Black Cap Chickadee or the Tufted Titmouse and they both have started coming back around.  Another bird I haven't seen in ages is the Red Bellied Woodpecker and I actually saw one up in the palm tree.  He never came down to the feeders though.  At least I know they are still around.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

First Bloom on New Potted Plant

We have several different varieties of Hibiscus growing around our house.......from the standard orange, double blossom peach, double blossom pink/red, Hawaiian Tropical, and the Peach Lion's Tail.

Two winters ago, the freezing weather that hit Florida took out our Lion's Tail but has been trying to come back from the roots......although quite weedy and scraggly looking.  Not knowing if we could successfully start new plants from cuttings, I ordered a small Lion's Tail plant online, which came in a small pot.  We transplanted it immediately upon arrival into a larger pot and it's already blooming.  Since then we've succeeded in starting new plants from stem cuttings from the weedy one in the yard .... several in water loaded with water beads and several in a pot of soil.  They are doing well except inviting snails that like to feed on the bark of the young shoots.

The Lion's Tail is a unique Hibiscus with flower within flower.  It's also known as Pom Pom Poodle Tail Hibiscus.  Being this is the first flower off the new plant, I had to attempt sketching it. 

HSFab01 / Lamy Safari with Document Dark Red ink / QoR watercolors.  For the peachy orange color, I mixed both Raw Sienna with Aliz Crimson and Raw Sienna with Quin Magenta.  The red is Pyrrole Red Light layered over Aliz Crimson.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

American Redstart

Still combing through photos, I came across several of this bird bathing in our algae stained mushroom shaped water fountain.  This is from my favorite photo where she sat still long enough to get a really clear picture of her.  Loved how her tail feathers were fanned out.

I had to look this bird up and believe it's a female American Restart.  The photo was taken in August of 2017 and I haven't seen any like her since.....although I now sit in the front of the house rather than in the back where I used to sit looking out at the fountain.

What I really like about this bird is the multiple colors seen in the wings.  Her head is more gray and the feathers range from an olive brown/green to black with splashes of yellow.  It was a challenge to capture the colors in my sketch but I think I came close.

HSFab01 sketchbook / Lamy Vista with Document Brown ink / QoR watercolors

Nature Photo Walk

Anytime I go out, I take photos I can go back to for sketching ideas when something in front of my face doesn't appeal to me.

Last night I decided to go on a "nature photo walk" going through photos to see if anything jumped out at me.  One such photo included a particular tree I saw when out on the pontoon and the other is a lizard we don't see too often.

It was storming with Miya reacting so I was up till wee hours of the morning sketching until the storms passed and we could finally go to bed.

Stillman and Birn Zeta / Lamy Safari w/Urban Grey ink / QoR watercolors

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