Monday, February 18, 2019

Leaf-Footed Bug

Yesterday while my husband and I were outside, this bug landed on a hibiscus close to where Terry was standing.  Not one we normally see, I ran inside to grab my cell phone to take its picture.  Terry trying to hold the limb from blowing in the breeze startled him and he flew off.  A little while later either he or another one returned and I was able to get a few photos.

Looking it up, I've learned this is called a leaf-footed bug.  It's quite large and not exactly one I'd want landing on me.  I was fine getting close to it as bugs don't normally make me crazy (except bees and ticks) unless they unexpectedly land on me.

Stonehenge Aqua / Lamy Safari with De Altramentis Document Brown ink.  I used Paynes Grey and Bt Sienna for this (QoR watercolors).

Found Treasure - Dried/Hard Tree Fungi

Terry was out weeding and mowing taking advantage of the really beautiful weather we had yesterday.  He came across this attached to a left behind tree stump from where we had to thin trees and shrubs a few years ago from our yard.

It's light weight but hard as a rock.  The tree stump it was attached to is a Camphor Laurel tree. 

Right off it looked like a foot to me.  One way like a foot and the other way like a boot. 

Decided to sketch this in carbon pencil - 2B.  Stonehenge 90 paper. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Pen/Pencil Case

Today has been one gorgeous day!!!  Sunny, breezy, and low 80s.  Husband was weeding and cleaning up a small garden bed in the back while I supervised (ha ha) and worked off and on sketching this pen/pencil case.

I started the sketch with pencil late last night and added pen and ink today.  Then had to leave it for awhile as I tried to decide on what medium I wanted to use.  I was trying to decide on watercolor or watercolor pencils because of the texture of part of this case.  I ended up using both........watercolor and then taking some black watercolor pencil adding a little bit of texture on the inside part of the case that folds over as shown.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Candle Holders and Pot Sitters

Although I've titled this candle holders, I'm really not sure what they are.  I found two of these years ago and was drawn to the crackled glass and metal stands.  They look like something one could place a small candle in so I'm guessing that's what they are for.

The pot sitters are two lizards on one and I have two turtles hanging on the other.  I chose the lizards to sketch as they are more colorful. 

I came across these pot sitters at ACMoore, an arts and craft store in Clarksburg, WV   Used to be one of my favorite craft stores before moving to Florida.

The little dangly balls comes from when I used to do beading for miniature Christmas tree ornaments.

Stonehenge Aqua 140 lb watercolor paper

Lamy AlStar with Urban Grey ink for the main sketching and writing. 

Lamy Safari with the same ink as the extra fine nib leans more towards a dry feed I preferred to depict the crackled glass.

Hand Lettering Presentation

Coming up on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019, our sketching group meeting at the Leesburg Library will be a presentation and hands-on practice with hand lettering.

Another lady in the group, Susan Fink, will be sharing examples of her father's work where he created business logos and lettering as a the Chiquita brand logo on bananas, Daniel Steel book titles, etc.

Following her presentation, I will share various examples of how we can work titles / headings / description wording / word art to our journal pages using our own hand writing as well as a few examples where one can use free font websites like for inspiration with a huge library of fonts people can try to emulate on their pages.

For the last two months I have been doing a lot of research between websites, youtube videos, and books for ideas.  I've been doing a lot of my own practice.  What I've found is that I prefer to just use my own handwriting rather than try to follow fonts or calligraphy lettering styles.  And it seems I lean towards block or bubble lettering more than anything or faux calligraphy.  Not sure why but that's what I enjoy most.  I AM trying to work other styles in as well depending on the subject of my sketches.  As an example.......what I did back in October 2018 for Inktober.....either as individual titles or worked within the illustration itself.

Sources of Inspiration


Card Maker's Hand Lettering Workbook - Nancy Burke and Marian Rodenizer
The Art of Whimsical Lettering - Joanne Sharpe
The Art of Creative Lettering - Becky Higgins
The Art of Drawing Dangles - Olivia A. Kneibler

Google Search - Images:

Hand Lettering Alphabet
Hand Lettering Art

Google Search - Videos:

Hand Lettering Alphabet
Hand Lettering Art
Bouncy Letters
8 Hand Lettering Fonts to Draw
Hand lettering / Typography Tutorial (speed art)
50 Hand Lettering Ideas - Easy Ways to Change Up Your Writing Style
Bubble Letters

Downloadable Fonts:  I don't download but instead click on the font to see the alphabet

Buntings, Banners, Line Divisions, and Doodles:

Draw Buntings and Banners
How to Draw a Banner - 3 Simple Techniques
How to Draw a Banner with Torn Edges
Hand Lettering Accents
Embellishments/Letter Dangles/Eye Candy - Alexanderienne - Several Videos in the Series

My Own Examples

Faux Calligraphy:

Bubble Letters:


Using font styles from

Various Practice Styles Using One's Own Handwriting:

Inktober 2018 Lettering Examples - Stand Alone and Within Illustration:

In addition to playing with hand lettering, we will practice with drawing ribbons to house lettering for those who wish to get a bit fancy as well as shapes and banners.


Shapes and Banners:

Other - Charms / Dangles / Word Art

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