Friday, December 6, 2019

Carved Santa Ornament

Last year my youngest son, Travis, went on a service call where the lady had several of these out on a table that she had made.  During the time he was there, he showed a real interest in her carvings and talked about art mentioning I sketched and painted and have for years.  He shared where I started out painting on wood and gradually changed course into what I do today.

When he was finished with the work he had to do, the lady gifted him (as a special thank you) with two an ornament and one free standing to sit on a shelf.  She sent two so that he could give me one.

Travis gave me the shelf sitter and then the ornament as his gift to me to keep as a set.  I absolutely LOVE these hand carved Santas!!!  Something I might like to explore to learn to do on my own.

Although I've sketched these carvings before (last year), I wanted to do so again as a graphite sketch. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to add color because I wanted it to look like a graphite sketch and maintain a rustic look.  I feared messing it up adding color.  I mulled over that decision throughout the day and then decided to go ahead and do so reminding myself if I did the sketch once, I could do it again if I needed to.

Because the ornament is the main topic, I chose to only emphasize it with color and leave the hand alone.

FIbook75x75 / Stonehenge Aqua / Pental Graphgear 1000 .07 mechanical pencil / DS watercolors

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New Golf Cart

Several of our neighbors have purchased golf carts to ride around in the neighborhood.  It's common in The Villages here in Florida but not so much in the other areas that are not designed as retirement communities.  The Villages is a self contained, very large retirement community (made up of several different style villages, actually) where people use their golf carts to go everywhere to include shopping.  They have dedicated lanes to drive, which is really unique.

Those here in our neighborhood basically just use theirs to get out and ride around our neighborhood.  We've been considering one and finally took the plunge and purchased this green one.............perfect size for my miniature bears.

Tried to sketch it finding it very difficult to get the perspective right.  No big surprise to me as that's one area I struggle with and I doubt will ever change.  I get lucky once in awhile but for the most part, I'm always off somewhere.   I came close to just giving up on it but stuck it out until I at least achieved what you see here.  By the time I inked in the lines, I was kind of bored messing with it wanting to call it done but decided to at least add some color to the bear. 

FIbook75x75 / Stonehenge Aqua / DS and QoR watercolors / Lamy with Doc Brown ink

Sunday, December 1, 2019

December Challenge Between Friends

I was struggling with a challenge idea for December.  I had several written down on post-it-notes but all entailed a lot of thinking before jumping in.  With my going through this sketching lull, I didn't feel I had the energy to put so much thought into or be creative. 

After working the one ornament yesterday, I came up with the idea to sketch 3 to 6 items related to Christmas.....either as individual doodles or put together in a setting or composition.  I chose putting several together that told a story using another of the plush ornaments I have on the tree as my model.

FIbook75x75 / Stonehenge Aqua / Lamys with Dark Green, Dark Red, and Doc Brown inks

Plush Christmas Ornament

Trying to get back into sketching, the ornaments on my tree came to mind as possible inspiration.  There are six plush ornaments that have little sacks you can place goodies or money in.  This is one that jumped out at me right off.

FIbook75x75 / Stonehenge Aqua / Lamy with Doc Brown ink

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