Friday, April 16, 2021

Follow by Email Being Discontinued

Thought I would make a post to inform those who follow my blog by email that after July 2021, that feature will be discontinued.  At this time, I have no idea what to suggest for those who rely on the email they have been getting when I add to the blog.

If any other blogger knows an alternative, I'd love to hear your feedback.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Off Day - Watercolor Sketch Failure vs Digital

After working on my Ipad, I wanted to do some work in my journal.  This started out with a pencil sketch which was off a bit on the two right flower buds.  Instead of doing what I normally do by going over the pencil with ink (correcting proportions or lines), erasing pencil, and then adding watercolor, I proceeded to add color first..........BIG Mistake.

Working right to left, as soon as I laid down some color over the graphite, I knew I was in trouble.  The graphite muddied the paint and I tried to over compensate resulting in the two buds being over worked.  Then thought maybe adding the ink lines might help.  Nope!!!  I didn't have those two sketched in correctly and the ink lines magnified that fact.

The two left flower buds I took my kneaded eraser shaping it like a rolling pin and rolled across the pencil lines picking up excess graphite hoping that might work better, and it did.  My state of mind was already "ehhhh" with what I was working on but pushed through it and finished painting.  Then added the ink lines.  I do not care for ink and wash with ink after color because it's too stark looking to my eyes.  If I'm going to work ink and wash, I want the ink lines down first.  I also prefer to "slap" on color to give life to ink sketches as I don't tend to over work my watercolor.

Being totally dissatisfied with how things turned out, I decided to work this again in Procreate.  The results for me were much better.  I love the ability to stroke and blend like one would using oil paint.  

With this digital, I worked differently than I normally do.  Instead of working multiple layers, I only worked on one.  It worked out OK but I prefer stacking layers working each color on its own layer as well as individual components.

My Orchid as of 04/11/21.  It didn't flower last year after being repotted in 2019.  This year it's flowering but flowers are deeper in color and smaller.  I only ended up with four buds with one appearing it may not open.  While the buds were forming, I lost two leaves.

Watercolor Sketch in Journal:

Procreate Version:  The color is better with it leaning towards purple.... not as pink as the watercolor version.  I never have liked mixing purple watercolor as it always looks dingy no matter the mix combination I choose to use.  Gouache brush tool was used exclusively for this to include smudging.

The pencil sketch I had worked in the journal was scanned before adding color.  I uploaded that scan to my Ipad and used it as my reference for the digital version.  At the same time, I had the photo on my computer for reference which helped with how off I was on the two right flower buds in my sketch.

As much as I have enjoyed watercolor in the past, I am finding myself feeling really hesitant in wanting to use watercolor anymore.  This is one reason if I want color, I find myself grabbing my Ipad instead.  I am also finding I prefer NOT to mimic ink and wash but instead leaving ink out altogether when painting on my Ipad using Procreate.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Another Rose from Neighbor

Yesterday our neighbor gave Terry Tai dumplings, Tea Eggs he makes, and a cake of some sort made from tea with a cream center.  The cake is green and you can definitely taste the tea.  The cream center is mildly sweet.  

Along with the food, our neighbor's wife cut a rose off their rose bush and gave to Terry to give to me.  These roses have a heavenly scent but do not last long once cut.  I like sketching these roses as this is my way of keeping them alive.

Procreate / Gouache brush tool

As a way of thanking them, I printed off the vase I painted that they gave me last year along with a painting of Bougainvillea that represents a memory of our neighbor's father before passing.  Thomas used to come over and tend to our Bougainvillea training it to climb the Oak tree that was out front.  I used one of the square acrylic photo blocks with the Bougainvillea showing on one side and the vase on the other.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cross-Hatching Procreate vs Paper

Well, the jury's back............cross-hatching is proving to be my least favorite thing to least with ballpoint.  If I have to do this much cross-hatching to fill in a subject, I prefer digital.  

As mentioned in a previous post, one doesn't have to worry about ink pooling resulting in ink blobs working digital.  You don't have to worry about constantly wiping the point on tissue which I find is disruptive in workflow.  One can set the opacity rather than totally relying on pressure holding a pen.  With the Apple pencil, you can use both to your advantage.  And due to the fact you don't have to rely on pressure, it's easier on the hand.

Not sure I will actually produce a portrait using cross-hatching as it would probably take me days versus hours to complete but that might change.  In comparing the two below, I do like the results of the pepper worked in Procreate but not sure I have THAT much patience to work something as complex as a portrait.  We shall see.  I do admit that this can be therapeutic....very relaxing (if not having to constantly worry about blobs).

 Just for fun, I took my original and added color blending mode layers to produce the following.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April 2021 Monthly Goal - Minimum One Digital

Practicing hatching and cross hatching, I worked this sketch using Procreate.  Inking / Gesinski ink brush tool.  Thought I would try a different ink brush tool for a change. 

I started out with brown and then sometime during my sketch, I in error ended up with black ink.  Turns out kind of neat considering the brown gives a warm tone that tends to lead my eye. 

Once I was finished with the ink sketch, I decided to play again with the color blending modes.