Sunday, June 30, 2013

2011 Mother's Day Lily Blooming

I've sketched and painted from this plant several times the last couple of years.  It's sentimental to me considering it was a gift that is still living.

I was sitting looking out my window taking in its beauty and decided to do a quick pen and ink sketch.

Stillman & Birn Alpha journal (4 x 6")

Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray Ink

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fuchsia Flowers - Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink using Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray ink

Stillman & Birn Alpha journal

First illustration is the initial sketch with pen and ink.  After sitting and looking at it a bit, I decided to go over the bottom left to emphasize that one large flower.  I'm kinda undecided which I prefer and I still haven't decided if I want to take color to it or to leave it as is.

Even though I'm still not quite "with it", I'm trying to at least do some simple sketching.  I might struggle but I always feel I've accomplished something positive when I work through times like this.

UPDATE:  After a good night's sleep, I opened my journal and decided to add a little color.  I didn't want to over-do it and here are the results.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Eeyore in Pen and Ink

Eeyore is definitely my favorite model sketching at the moment as to me is one of the cutest I've seen.  He's only about 4 inches in size (that comes tucked in a purple plastic egg).

This time using pen and ink - Platinum Carbon pen with original cartridge ink.

Sketched in the mini S&B Alpha journal.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Miniature Pooh Characters

We've been packing the house up and I came across a tote of Pooh stuffed characters.  We are trying to make up our minds whether to keep them (sentimental reasons) or donate to the children's ward at a local hospital or to the homeless shelter.  In case we donate, I've decided to sketch a few.

This first was done on the final page of my Stillman & Birn Epsilon journal using a mechanical pencil.  Eeyore is my favorite of the Pooh characters.

This second is on the first two pages of a small Stillman and Birn Alpha journal using pencil first; a Pilot Prera with Lexington gray ink; and Daniel Smith watercolors (New Gamboge, Raw Sienna, Perm Red with Aliz Crimson, and Bt Sienna.  Eyes using Indigo).  The ink line work was done after the watercolor was applied.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thatch in the UK

Another graphite sketch in the Epsilon journal.  This time using a mechanical pencil.

Again from photos taken during our 2010 UK trip. 

While there I was totally intrigued by the chimney pots and the various materials used in buildings and cottages.  I loved the thatch cottages!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

From 2010 Trip to the UK

I'm really struggling these days lacking energy and motivation to really work on anything art related.

Tonight I managed this graphite sketch from a photo taken during our 2010 UK trip.  I was hoping the happy memories might help. 

Stillman & Birn Epsilon journal
Derwent Graphitone pencil (very dark)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Steps to the Unknown

I started this the end of May with just pen and ink.  It's a location I pass about two miles from home.  It always grabs my attention leaving me to wonder what might have been there.  Was it a house too close to the road?  Did the home owner decide to rebuild back (to the left) for some reason?  Did the original place burn down or destroyed in some way?

Finally after all this time, I've filled in with color finishing the page emphasizing the steps at the top that go to "the unknown".

Epsilon journal

Pilot Prera with Lexington Gray ink

Daniel Smith:  Sap Green, Fr Ultramarine, Burnt Quin Orange, Raw and Bt Sienna, Cerulean Blue, and Paynes Gray

Used a synthetic brush this time - Silver Ultra Mini #14 which is about the size of a #6 in non-mini brushes.  Has a really nice sharp point.
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