Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 31 and Summary

It's funny but I really didn't want to commit to 31 days of sketching in ink only (my own personal added challenge of ink only).  Many folks worked the Inktober Challenge with ink but also with watercolor.

Except for only a couple sketches, I wanted to try and get my tones and shading with whatever necessary pen marks it would take using hatching, stippling, crosshatching, etc. rather than using a wash.  I did use an ink wash when trying out the Sailor Fude pen just to test out how the ink would bleed with a damp to wet brush.  But the majority have been worked with pen strokes only.

I still have a ways to go practicing in order to feel less anxiety taking that ink straight to paper without any pencil sketching first.  Not that using pencil first is bad.........I would just like to one day feel like I could pick up a pen and work a sketch like I feel when grabbing a pencil.  That might never happen and actually.........that's OK too :-)

Yesterday I sat and went through over 75 pen and ink only sketches I worked on Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Challenge back in 2012 comparing to the last 31 days of sketching.  I see a definite improvement, particularly with certain subjects and pen stroke methods.  That alone makes my working this challenge worthwhile.  And working this challenge did indeed pull me out of a slump...........until the next one.

31 Days of Sketching

Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 30

Today's sketch I wanted to do something that indicated what I used for this challenge to include the one pen I used most for sketching.

I'm not crazy about working hands..........not in pen and ink anyways.  Graphite I don't mind.  So with this one I had to just jump in because had I sat and thought about it, I might not have bothered.

It's a rough sketch  putting down lines even if in the wrong place and then just making corrections along the way.

The pen I used for this one is the Hero 578 Bent Nib Pen.  It's loaded with Lexington Gray ink which between a nib that feeds wet and the paper was a little slow drying.  I had to be careful not to rest my hand on the paper surface smearing the ink.  And the journal is so small that without a resting place for my hand on the page, my lines were definitely rough..........look at those fingernails!!!!  In bad need of a manicure, don't you think????.....hahaha.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sailor Fude 55 Degree Angle Bent Nib vs Hero 578 Fountain Pens

Although I'm still waiting on the Sailor Fude 40 degree angle bent nib pen, I thought I would share my own personal findings and feelings between the Sailor Fude 55 and the Hero 578 pens I have.

First off, I love the Hero 578.  Have from day one; however, it's made of metal and can start feeling heavy in the hand after a period of time.  Sometimes my hand will start aching.

The Sailor Fude pens are plastic and much lighter.  They are also longer offering the advantage of carrying an extra cartridge right inside the barrel as backup.

NIB:  The metal piece on top that you apply to paper to make your marks.
FEED:  The plastic "gilled" piece directly under the nib that ink feeds through.

Looking at the Hero nib, I'm estimating it might be about a 40 degree angle.  Will be interesting to compare it to the 40 degree Sailor once it gets here.

I find holding the Hero at proper angles is much easier.  Just seems more natural to the way I would normally hold a pen.

The Sailor Fude I have to keep adjusting my hand and the angle I'm holding the pen to make any marks.  That can be a bit frustrating but I'm sure after a period of time, one could get used to that and it become easier.  Just doesn't seem to take the same effort with the Hero.

As you are looking at the nibs and feeds, notice the distance between the edge of the feed and the bend in the nib.

Not sure you can read the small print on the photo easily so I'll share here as well.

The Sailor Fude's nib bends right at the edge of the feed.  When applying pressure on paper, the edge of the feed can sometimes make marks as well as the nib on the paper giving a double line especially if you hold the nib horizontal  (barrel and pen held horizontal) to achieve it's thickest line mark.

The Hero's bend is further away not causing the same problem.

The plus (or minus depending upon individual and what they prefer) to the 55 degree angle nib is it creates a slightly wider line held horizontal than the Hero nib.  Will probably find the same thing with the 55 degree Sailor versus it's 40 degree sister.

The Hero has a longer (and a little fancier) nib but not sure if or how that would make much difference in anything.

The other thing the Hero has the Sailor doesn' the very tip of the nib is tiny bead shape.   I'm sure there's a reason some do or don't have that, but at this point, I don't know what that reason might be.

UPDATE:  Thanks to a good friend, Larry Marshall, I learned what that hard bead of metal is all about on some nib tips.  It's called "tipping" and used to make the rounded nib stronger lasting longer and writing smoother.  Straight edge nibs may not have this beaded tipping (like calligraphy pen nibs) but another art friend showed a music nib with the tipping (that has a straight nib tip).

So between the two pens, I like the Hero best.  It's just a nicer pen all the way around.  A bit heavy but smooth to work with sketching on paper with few problems.  And the angle of the nib is just better for how I hold my pens making it easier to adjust for line widths.

The Sailor is a good pen as well once you get used to how to hold it and taking care the edge of the feed doesn't hit the paper as you use it.  It's lighter which is a plus.  I'd take it out sketching on location before I would the Hero simply because:

#1 - I wouldn't want to lose my Hero pen
#2 - The Sailor is lighter which makes my gear lighter
#3 - You can carry an extra cartridge right inside the barrel
#4 - If you lose the pen, it's not that expensive to replace

Note:  Although you can get a converter for the Sailor in order to load your own ink and save on cartridges, a lot of people complain the ink capacity is not the greatest.  Also, the ink that comes in those cartridges are water soluble so not a good choice if you plan to take watercolor to your ink sketches.

Now for the arrival of the Sailor Fude 40 degree nib.  Will share another comparison once I've had a chance to try it out :-)

Friday, October 28, 2016

When Things Don't Go Your Way

With 28 days now behind me using pen and ink only, I was in need of some color and decided to do this ink and watercolor painting in my Hand Sewn watercolor journal using Fabriano Artistico paper.

Our group is meeting up next Friday for another Sketch Walk at Lake Sumter Landing at The Villages.  Terry and I have been there once......last year.......which I took lots of photos while walking around. For my painting subject today, I chose to go looking through those photos and decided on this building to sketch/paint.  I thought it would be a fairly easy subject to work..........ha ha.........WRONG

All was going ehhhh, OK, until near the end when I was working the pavement below the building.  My initial sketch was to add lines in the pavement as the photo shows.  It's not a smooth pavement but looks like a whitish gray to very light tan color brick, block, or rectangular stone pattern.  I thought I'd just suggest a few rather than add them all in with pen and ink.  The initial pencil sketch seemed OK with my idea.

I found as I took ink to the sketch that even the suggested few lines I put in didn't look was just too stark and the direction of the marks were way off.  And of course once ink goes's down to stay if not water soluble.  And of course I was using permanent ink :-)

On top of that, I tried a light wash of Raw Sienna.  Didn't like it..........too yellowish or gold.  So I added some areas of light Bt Sienna.  It was looking OK but nothing like pavement.  And then there were those ink lines jumping off the page :-(

Besides those ink lines bothering me, the perspective was off and with all the variation of lines going this way and that between building, the wood plank walkway and stone walkway...........I just couldn't get it right......not trying to eyeball everything as I prefer to do.

Feeling rather frustrated but determined to complete it, I did something I've never done before.  I used acrylic titanium white and painted over the lines and a good part of that area with the plans to take watercolor back over it once that dried.

For me, this trick worked OK but definitely not something I'd want to fall back on as a fix.  I had thought to cut out a piece of watercolor paper the shape of that area and glue in place but thought that would be more trouble than it was worth.

Technically I should have just stopped and called it lesson learned but I continued on figuring why not just see what I can do.  I can't make it any worse than I felt it already was.

Ending only passes in my opinion..........definitely not what I was hoping to achieve.  The area looks nothing like it should as it looks more like dirt than a walkway.  What to do????  Use that area to write about the sketch.  :-)

My initial pencil sketch.

Pen and ink making corrections with some of the line directions that were way off ( of those 4 letter words in my vocabulary).  Even though I came close with the planking.....compared to the building, my perspective is off.

And see what I mean about the suggested pavement stones???  NOPE didn't like.  Didn't look so bad in light pencil but way (at least to my eyes).

Persevering and trying to finish this one way or the other, this is what I ended up with.

2016 Inktober - Day 28

Today's sketch is of a bird I'd never seen until now.  After research of the color and markings, I learned the bird to be an American Redstart that migrates to Southern Florida for the Winter.

Cute little bird and neat calls.  The one I saw was a female with mainly gray coloring and the yellow streaks in wing feathers and the yellow pattern in tail feathers that distinguishes this bird from other types.  The males are much darker with the yellow really standing out when he flashes his tail (according to all I've read).

What was so neat about my first sighting was getting the opportunity to watch it take a bath in our birdbath right outside where I sit all day.  Then flew up in the tree to dry off (I suppose).  The one I saw was a little bigger than a Black Capped Chickadee.

My sketch doesn't indicate the coloring by any means, working in black and white only.  And I didn't shade all the gray in the bird either as I would have done had I painted this.  I was after the shape of the bird and the facial markings more than anything and just recording this new bird sighting.

Used two fountain pens - Sailor Fude and the Platinum Carbon desk pen.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 27

Today's sketch is my first practice with a giraffe.

Mark's brother in law has asked if I would consider doing a painting of a family of giraffes.  Before committing to a painting, I wanted to practice sketching them first.

Not knowing anything about giraffes, I contacted my dear friend in South Africa asking if she could send me photos from which I could practice.  She sent several photos and I chose a close-up of one to try the face first.

This was fun.......very interesting their eyes!  I hope to sketch different angles of the face first and then will try the body and legs.

Sailor Fude and damp brush to wash a little of the ink out for shading.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 26

Today's is a quick sketch hoping I wouldn't let myself start feeling intimidated by the pen starting out.  Not sure that really helped but I can wish :-)  You'd think by now I'd start feeling less anxious jumping in with pen but I've not reached that point and wonder if I ever will.

Same journal as I've been using but switched back to the Platinum Carbon desk pen.

This is from a photo of a random person at Disney.  There were several others standing around her but she stood out the most to me so I chose only her to put on paper.  If I were working in a larger journal, I might have added more folks around her......then again, maybe not.....ha ha

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 25

This particular sketch is from a photo taken earlier this year when my husband, youngest son and I drove out to Crystal River to check the area out for fishing.

Still using the Sailor Fude pen, I chose a section of the photo that had a lot of black area.  This pen sure made it easier to fill in all those dark areas.  And although the coverage might be streaky looking, I didn't find that so bad for the areas as it helped keep the door and windows from looking like a huge dark hole.  It kind of looks like you can see shapes inside breaking some of the black up a bit.

And with this one, I decided to take a ever so slightly damp brush to the ink lines to create a bit of tone washes.  Too wet and the ink will definitely bleed.

I'm often told I shouldn't point out my mistakes but in all honesty, I'd rather do so hoping others can learn from what I share.

I left something out and didn't realize it until after I had scanned the image and previewed the scan.  Of course there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it so I just call it a lesson learned.

I failed to add seating at the tables and yet I have a young boy sitting there to the left as you view it.  You can see his leg (dark area) near the base of the table but no seat.  It's like he's suspended in mid air in a sitting position :-)

Of course I could always say it leaves something to the viewers imagination they can fill in themselves but was a goof on my

The one plus.........not many have taken notice in the groups I've posted it in.  Maybe the fact that the white umbrella takes center stage due to the contrast of it against the black helps the eye from really focusing on that little boy and the fact there's no seat for him to sit on.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Still Playing with the Sailor Fude Pen 55

This page was worked in the Global Arts "" journal.  The pages have a slight toothy or vellum like feel to them compared to paper like hot press, bristol smooth or cartridge paper.

Using the Sailor Fude pen is really a lot of fun when working least for me.  Even when I don't get the angle of the nib down just right, even the slightest mark on paper fits with the texture of trunks and branches.

I think the more I play with this pen, the better control I'll eventually achieve.  I just love the fact a single nib can produce all the variations seen here.

(From photo taken a couple years ago while still living in West Virginia.)

I Am Sooooo Bad!!

Yesterday my husband, one of my sons, and I went out on the lake boating and fishing.  We've been waiting to go back out on the water after the super hot weather and rainy season eased up.  A cold front moved in across the United States bringing snow up in the northern part of the States and helped cool things down as far south as Florida.

Due to this cold front, the last couple of nights the temperature dropped fairly low..........definitely for those acclimated to the Florida heat and humidity.  I personally welcome it but a few of my family members have been here long enough they tend to think 70s is cold.

Side Note:  Now WAS quite chilly but we had to tease him a little.   And I just HAD to do this little sketch I thought of while out on the water for his benefit :-)

Using my miniature bear as a model, I worked this quick sketch in my notebook representing my son as a memory of our day out.  And this only shows a wee part of what he did to stay warm as we skirted across the lake and fished all morning long.

Pen used - Micron 03

UPDATE:  I was able to remove the notebook lines using photoshop and printed this little guy onto copier paper and added watercolor to him to match the clothing my son was wearing :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016 Inktober - Days 23 and 24

I'm working with a new pen that although fun to use, it definitely is creating a few extra challenges over and above the fact I'm using only pen and ink for the Inktober Challenge (no pencil guidelines).

In all honesty, I'm surprised I'm still at this but only about a week left to go.  Some people work well with committing to challenges like this.  They may welcome that "I've got to get this done" feeling to help motivate them.  I can't exactly say I feel that way.  I sketch or paint when the mood strikes and my brain and motivation has a tendency to shut down with the thoughts I HAVE to do something.

Anyways........I'm using a Sailor Fude which is a bent nib at 55 degrees.  Depending upon how you hold the pen (angle), determines line width.  Right now I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to control or know where the nib is on paper with the ink flow until it's too late and mark on paper.

Day 23 - From a photo taken back in 2010 during my two week stay with Clare and her family in the United Kingdom.

Normally I shy away from real dark values or areas like you see, but trying to take advantage and try it with this pen and the black ink that comes with it.  My problem is really knowing where to apply the heavier lines and it look right.  There's an art to Drawing and Inking (like with comics) and not something I know too much about.

Day 24 - (Worked this close enough to midnight to call it Day 24)

Sketched from a photo taken weekend before last while on the sketchcrawl at Brownwood Paddock Square.  Again using the Sailor Fude pen.  

All I can say is hmmmmmm............not sure how I feel about it and was relieved to call it done.  Seeing it on screen, I could go back and add some more darker areas (maybe to help balance it a bit more to my own liking) but this is one I just want to call it finished and plan for the next sketch.

I really missed being able to lightly sketch things in first with pencil but I'm sticking with my own rule with this Inktober Challenge of using straight pen and ink.  The challenges I dealt with on this one were:

1)  The sign and what's supposed to be a cows head (looks more like a poodle's head with horns) 
2)  Where and how much to put real dark heavy line marks, 
3)  Getting the right angle with the nib to paper to put down the thickness of marks at any given time, and
4)  I had trouble working over the gutter with the pen.  Either it grabbed the ink off the nib or it wouldn't do anything at all.

Seven more days to go questioning how on earth I actually worked Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Challenge (using pen and ink only) a few years ago!!  :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Inktober Challenge - Day 22

With this one I just started sketching one of the flowers in a small arrangement sitting on my desk.  I really had no plan.

The small flower arrangement replaces (almost identical) a live arrangement Terry gifted me with and of course started fading after several days.  I was fortunate to find a little artificial group at Hobby Lobby that had same type of flowers and even the coloring or close to it.

Getting back to the sketch, I started out with one of the daisies.  Then added partials of two others.  I didn't want to include leaves as they are too far down in the arrangement to look right at the angle I was sketching the daisies.  I sat for awhile trying to decide what to do as the little grouping I was working on was smack dab center of my journal page.

I added some dark scribbling to suggest a darker type flower mixed in.  Still wasn't satisfied so I added more partial daisies trying to work my way to the right of the page (as you view it).  When I sat back and looked, it looked too boxy for my liking.  I could have added another daisy up top but I wanted to maintain an odd again, I had to sit and think where do I want to go from here and how do I go about it.

Finally I finished the page and this is what I chose to do to finish it off....

Plat Carbon desk pen

Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 Inktober Days 20 and 21

Two more to add to my monthly collection......

Day 20

Thought I would comb through photos I took in 2010 when visiting the UK.  One of the things I loved seeing were all the various chimney pots and often more than one on top of a roof.  I learned they are made of terracotta and are named depending upon design.

Day 21

With my working in such a small sketchbook/journal, I am finding I need to wear these just to see what I'm doing.  I start out OK but then my eyes get tired rather quickly blurring so bad I can't tell what I'm doing.  This is when I have to resort to wearing these head magnifier glasses.  

Even working on a larger scale, I will at times have to wear these if sketching for any long period of time.  It's mainly when working pen and ink and having to hatch or crosshatch large areas.  I don't seem to struggle as bad when painting.

The least there's something made to help us at times like this so we can continue what we love to do (as kindly stated to me in a group I'm in on Facebook).  Not something I thought of on my own but so makes sense to me and glad it was pointed out :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016 Inktober Days 18 and 19

I'm really surprising myself that I'm still working the daily sketches.  Some days I might struggle being able to concentrate and really get into it but I'm still hanging in there.

Day 18 - Acorn cluster found right after Hurricane Matthew passed Florida.  We had a lot of limbs and small branches come down from the wind and lots of leaf tips which included this cluster of acorns.  The oaks here have tons of little acorns.  We were used to the larger leafed oaks back north and larger acorns.

This was one of those days I just really wasn't into sketching but did so anyways.  Tiny little sketch only taking up a quarter of a 3 x 4"

Day 19 - Was looking through digital photos I had taken a week before the first Hurricane hit Florida from the West Coast.  This is from our visit to Cedar Keys that got hit hard by that hurricane.  Picture is of hubby.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Derivan Liquid Pencil - Testing

After working the lamp last night, I wanted to play a bit more testing a few things with this liquid pencil.  Also tried out the other colors received.

This time I worked in the Stillman & Birn Beta Journal.

I have to say this stuff is really nice!  I just love how it goes down on paper.  I even played a bit wet in wet just to see what it could do.

The 'pigment' (if you want to call it that) is of course heavy so with wet in wet it's not going to move very much.  Kind of like heavy opaque watercolor pigment.  But it did produce a nice effect.

Here is the page I worked showing:

1) values created two different ways;
2) how it handled lifting with a damp to wet brush and erasures after completely dry;
3) wet in wet example applying water first;
4) how pen and ink with fountain pen would behave and look drawn over top of a shaded area - light and a bit darker.  I wanted to test that because I've often experienced problems using a fine nib fountain pen drawing over graphite or pencil lines.
5) samples of the other three colors - red, blue, and sepia

Here is the enlarged wet in wet example.  LOVE the granular look to this!  Reminds me of Daniel Smith Lunar Black watercolor paint.

****Noticed after you see the large chick or duck hiding under the tree????  :-)****

Larger examples of the three colors...

2016 Inktober Challenge - Day 17

Speaking of birthday..........because my birthday fell on a weekday, my sons wanted to get together yesterday afternoon as a little celebration.

Of course a cake had to be made and here I am 95 days into what's called a Keto diet.  At this point I was not going to break down no matter how tempting it might be.

Hubby made the cake (yellow cake mix) and I iced it (mild chocolate icing).  What helped me through the temptation, I created a little cupcake made from low carb pancake mix.  I put about a half silicone cup of batter into the microwave and nooked it for about 35 seconds.  It puffed up beautifully.  For icing I used a pudding like desert made with home-made whip cream, sugar substitute, vanilla, and cream cheese.  Also low carb.  Sprinkled some unsweetened coconut flakes and pecan pieces on top and own birthday cake I could eat.  The family even had a candle stuck in the middle to make it authentic.

So they ate their cake and I ate mine.  Divided up the left over and split between my sons and eldest son's family leaving all temptation behind!

Here's a journal entry about it in my sketchbook as today's Inktober sketch :-)

New Medium - Liquid Pencil by Derivan

For my birthday, my friend (I consider a sister) from the United Kingdom, sent me a package of four jars of re-wettable Liquid each Sepia, Blue, Red, and Gray #9.  There are two other colors you can get - another Gray and a Yellow.

Tonight I thought I would try out the Gray #9 in my hand sewn journal made up of Fabriano Artistico cold press watercolor paper.

Because I've been challenging myself with pen only in the Inktober Challenge I'm working, I thought with this I'd go straight in with medium and a brush.  No guidelines.  I figured if erasable and rewettable, I should be OK should I make any major goofs.  With that mindset, I felt relaxed and found that really helped sketching this out.  I used a very diluted mix with initial laying down of the liquid using a #5 round.  I worked this in layers going darker and darker.

With the FA watercolor paper, I found the liquid pencil to behave just like watercolor having to take care not to lift the previous layer when applying a darker layer on top.  Otherwise you lift that bottom layer and have to let it dry and start again.

It blends beautifully too.  Lifting is a breeze and how dark you can go surprised me.

When I was working the lettering to the right of the illustration, I goofed on one of my letters and with a wet brush was able to lift it right off, let it dry and proceed to place the correct sign of correction.

I did try to erase an area already dry as a means of lifting highlight but found the eraser I was using wasn't working so well.  Not sure if eraser or if because of the type paper I was using.  This is something I want to test out on various paper surfaces and different erasers.

This was really fun to use.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Inktober Day 15 Plus Bonus Experience

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me.  I was invited to be a part of a sketchcrawl in The Villages here in Florida.  My first experience too and it was a blast!!!!

Two people I knew but hadn't seen in awhile plus I met some of the nicest people in the remaining group.  I'm not exactly sure just how many were there but I'm thinking maybe around 18 trying to remember the two tables we took up when meeting up for lunch.

We met up at 8:30 in the morning walking around sketching what ever grabbed our attention.  The area of The Villages we met up at is of a Western theme which I thought was really cool.  On top of that, there was a farmers' market going on with all these canopies set up around the plaza area.

At 11:30 we met at one of the restaurants for lunch and to share our sketches and discuss future get togethers.  I was having such a great time, I hated to see it end.  BUT, we will be doing this again and I so look forward to it.

One thing I learned very quickly, I am S-U-P-E-R slow at sketching.  When at home I really don't think much about how fast or slow I'm working in my sketchbook.  Although now and then I'll challenge myself to quick sketches.  Anyways.....I took notice how several had two or three ink and watercolor sketches to my initial pencil sketch I still needed to ink and add color to.  I made it part way through the inking process but decided to stop and finish at home.  I also wanted to work in my ink only sketch for the Inktober challenge.

Here is the Inktober Day 15 Sketch: - These were two of the ladies I met who were sketching across from where I was sitting.

I was so tired when I got home from all the walking and excitement but determined to finish the page I had started while on site.  I only wish I had scanned the page after I went over in pen and ink before adding color to compare with the color version.  Oh time.

It was a goooooooooood day!!!  :-)

Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 Inktober - Days 13 and 14

Two more Inktober days down.  I'm finding it a bit easier each day facing that blank piece of paper with pen in hand.  Just goes to show daily practice does go a long way in helping with confidence.  For me not 100% but it's better than what it was when I started this 14 days ago.  I should 'TRY' to do this more often.  :-)

Day 13 - was using one of my Pilot Preras with Lexy Gray ink.  Has always been one of my favorite pens (although I have a few favorites now).

Day 14 - Back to my Platinum Carbon desk pen.  It probably has one of the most reliable and consistent nibs out of all the pens I own to include using nib upside down and putting ink on paper.  This particular one I did not cut the stem off in order to post the cap.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inktober 2016 - Days 10-12

Still hanging in there with the daily challenge (which surprises me).  19 Days

Day 10 - Chose to use one of my Lamy Safari fountain pens.  I had checked the cartridge that was in the pen before starting and 'thought' it was full.  Proceeded to do this sketch and found it kept skipping.  I thought maybe it was just the paper.  Then I thought to check the cartridge again.  It looked full but when I took a syringe to pull out ink to see how much was in it, it was basically empty.  That explains the skipping.  Decided to change over to a converter and filled fresh Lexington Gray ink in it.  Viola..........wrote beautifully on scrap paper.

 Day 11 - My Birthday.  Decided to d a little quick sketch to represent that.  I meant to put six candles (representing 10 years each) but was side-tracked and forgot to add them.  Oh well, I can just say it was subconsciously wishing it was truly 4 (x 10) :-) 

Day 12 - Boy did I bite off a bit too much with this one using the technique I chose to go with.  It's a pattern from an outdoor garden statue.  I used the Lamy Safari with the XF nib and proceeded with nothing but dots (stippling).  Not only did this take a very long time to reach this point, my poor hand was aching.  My eyes grew very tired working these dots on a 3 x 4 inch much so my eye sight was blurred even wearing glasses.  I should have taken a few breaks but I just wanted to get it done.

I could have refined this more but I had to stop myself and call it done.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Inktober 2016 Days 5 - 9

I'm a bit slow posting these with all the craziness with Hurricane Matthew.  First passing us and then on up the coast where I have family to include my husband being in Fayetteville.  They got hit really hard even for being inland.

I'm lucky I even managed the sketches but here they are :-)

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9 - Up until today, I have used ONLY pen and ink with no pencil guidelines (not mandatory with Inktober but my own set challenge along with the daily sketching).  The gun itself is all pen and ink but when I came to the shadow, I used a light pencil guideline to help with placement before jumping in with ink.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Inktober 2016 - Days 3 and 4

So far so good............four days into the 31 day challenge.

Day 3

This is a little keepsake from several years ago.  I have this one and another with a frog.  I just love the face on

Day 4

Another little keepsake from when the boys were younger.  This motorcycle  is only about an inch and a quarter long.  I'm pretty sure this was my youngest son's as he was the one who was really into micro cars, trucks, etc.  My eldest was into legos and my middle son was more into sports and music.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Inktober 2016 - Days 1 and 2

Intober is a yearly global challenge where artists from around the world work an ink sketch each day during the month of October.  For more information, here is a direct link telling more about it.

This year I thought I would attempt it although I normally don't stick with challenges for too long and definitely not those with prompts.  Inktober has daily prompts but are optional for those who might wish to have them for ideas.  With me.........a subject has to grab me before I feel I can sketch it so prompts are out.

Here is Day 1 and Day 2.  I am using a Platinum Carbon desk pen and Lexington Gray ink.  I've chosen to use a small 3 x 4 inch leather handmade sketchbook that was gifted to me.

Day 1 - This garlic bulb was sitting on my kitchen counter and thought I'd sketch it before we tore it apart.  A few cloves have started to sprout so we might attempt to grow them.  The others we'll use.  We normally just use garlic salt or garlic powder for seasoning.  A time or two we bought jarred minced garlic.  For some reason Terry decided to buy the fresh which gave me a perfect first specimen to sketch.

 Day 2 - This little fabric doll came with a porcelain Native American doll Terry gave me many years ago as a Christmas gift.  Terry is part Wantun (if I'm spelling it right).....a small tribe out of California.  His native american heritage is from his father's side.

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