Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 31 and Summary

It's funny but I really didn't want to commit to 31 days of sketching in ink only (my own personal added challenge of ink only).  Many folks worked the Inktober Challenge with ink but also with watercolor.

Except for only a couple sketches, I wanted to try and get my tones and shading with whatever necessary pen marks it would take using hatching, stippling, crosshatching, etc. rather than using a wash.  I did use an ink wash when trying out the Sailor Fude pen just to test out how the ink would bleed with a damp to wet brush.  But the majority have been worked with pen strokes only.

I still have a ways to go practicing in order to feel less anxiety taking that ink straight to paper without any pencil sketching first.  Not that using pencil first is bad.........I would just like to one day feel like I could pick up a pen and work a sketch like I feel when grabbing a pencil.  That might never happen and actually.........that's OK too :-)

Yesterday I sat and went through over 75 pen and ink only sketches I worked on Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Challenge back in 2012 comparing to the last 31 days of sketching.  I see a definite improvement, particularly with certain subjects and pen stroke methods.  That alone makes my working this challenge worthwhile.  And working this challenge did indeed pull me out of a slump...........until the next one.

31 Days of Sketching

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