Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Inktober - Day 30

Today's sketch I wanted to do something that indicated what I used for this challenge to include the one pen I used most for sketching.

I'm not crazy about working hands..........not in pen and ink anyways.  Graphite I don't mind.  So with this one I had to just jump in because had I sat and thought about it, I might not have bothered.

It's a rough sketch  putting down lines even if in the wrong place and then just making corrections along the way.

The pen I used for this one is the Hero 578 Bent Nib Pen.  It's loaded with Lexington Gray ink which between a nib that feeds wet and the paper was a little slow drying.  I had to be careful not to rest my hand on the paper surface smearing the ink.  And the journal is so small that without a resting place for my hand on the page, my lines were definitely rough..........look at those fingernails!!!!  In bad need of a manicure, don't you think????.....hahaha.

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