Friday, May 27, 2016

Mini Mechanical Pencil

I've seen mini brushes and mini pens so I went searching to see if anyone made a mini mechanical pencil.  Sure enough!!!

This is a Pilot Mini Mechanical pencil that came in a four pack with extra erasers and extra lead.  The lead grade is .07 that came with the set.

Perfect for small traveling palette setups like this.....

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Orchid in Graphite

This is a graphite drawing of an orchid plant I've managed to keep alive for almost two years.  A couple of the leaves are becoming soft and wilting causing a bit of concern but I'm thrilled it's lasted this long.  Not only is it still alive but has bloomed three times for me (which includes the blooming when I purchased it).  When purchased, it had two stalks with flowers but reblooms have only been on one stalk.

Worked in a Strathmore Visual Journal with Bristol paper using a Staedtler Mars mechanical pencil with 2mm - 4B lead.  Love this pencil and love this 4B lead.  On the Bristol paper, it just seems to glide across the surface.  Blending with a tortillon is so much fun for me.  I love how a kneaded eraser can easily lift highlights.  Graphite is definitely one of my top favorite mediums to work with.

Quick Palm Sketches Different Mediums

These are two little sketches worked in the square Handbook journal playing with two different techniques and mediums.  More doodling than anything........just to do something.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lamantin Beach Pen and Ink Sketch

I have a very dear friend of 12 years whom I met through PaintDoodles forum.  Hany travels quite a bit for his job and shares his adventures and photos with me, as well as his sketches, drawings, and paintings.

Often with his photos and stories behind them, I'll feel intrigued to sketch from them (with his Blessings) and this is one.

The photo shows a lot more but this is what stood out to me.  It's a guard house or guard like structure along the beach a guard will stand in.  That part in the foreground is a straw umbrella that had blown over evidently during a storm.  In other photos they show many more blown over or snapped at the poles.

PaperBlank journal and Platinum Carbon Desk pen.

Update on Exercise for Myself and My Granddaughter

I've been meaning to post this but it's been a crazy several days for the family with a lot going on.

Here is the original post:

And here is what Madison did last week:

She's working in one of my hand sewn journals I made that she carries everywhere with her in her purse.

We haven't had a chance to move forward sharing videos on hatching and cross hatching for her to add form with hatching and cross hatching.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quick Sketch Using Koh I Noor Artists' Leads - Medium Brown

I shared a value chart a few posts back and last night thought I'd do this quick sketch using the medium brown.

This was working in the Handbook journal that has a vellum like feel to the paper.  I really like how this chalky lead feels.  Love the blending quality.

Buildings - Pen and Ink plus Watercolor

Some quick sketching with pen and ink first and then adding a bit of color.  Photo reference from (free photos).

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen

Paperblanks journal (not meant for wet media but that doesn't stop me) :-)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Exercise For My Granddaughter

Few days ago, my granddaughter made comment she was glad to see me active again with my sketching and painting.  That when I'm not doing anything, she doesn't feel like it either.  That I'm her inspiration and motivation.

I remember feeling that way myself when closely interacting with others I admire in the Art field. When they were going through down times, I too would lose interest and it would only return when my inspirational friends were back in the game.  I've since then learned to rely on my own (rather than other people)......with ups and downs........but took me many years.  Others still inspire me but the motivation to pick up that pen and paint is solely on me.

Thinking about this and after reviewing one of my Craftsy courses by Paul Heaston, I worked this little exercise hoping to get my granddaughter back into her artwork.

I set up this little still life of makeup I used to use many moons ago.  Not sure why I hang onto it as I've not used makeup in forever.  But makes a nice still life with the simple shapes.

The first step I want for my granddaughter to work through is contour drawing of what she sees in the photo......keeping it simple.  I asked her to use either pencil or pen but if she elects to use pencil, NOT to use an eraser but instead accept the lines she puts down on paper and work with that.  I chose pen so not to be tempted to make corrections myself :-)

Then I want her to sit and view Mr. Heaston's videos on hatching and cross hatching giving those simple shapes some form.

Here's my quick sketch.....flaws and all.  I may change the set up a bit and sketch a few more just for my own practice.  

One of the things I personally need to work out in my own mind is when to use what hatch marks when like direction, spacing, etc.  Spacing not so much as I do understand spacing determines the value of an area.  But directional hatching I'm still not quite sure.........especially on flat areas.  Maybe there is no true rhyme or reason but instead what each individual feels like doing to make an area look right to their own eyes for volume and depth.

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain pen used in the Strathmore Grey sketchbook.

Now I'm waiting for Miss Madison to do her exercise :-)

Couple of Buildings in Hand Sewn Journal

Back to my own hand sewn journal with Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold Press paper.

I actually miss the irregular rough surface of the handmade journal as I liked the textured look for landscapes and buildings.  But this was fun, just the same.

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain pen for line work.

This first is from a site called offering copyright free photos.  There is a section of old buildings like this that I absolutely love.

This next one is from one of my own photos from many years ago while living in Waynesboro, VA.

Couple More Pages in the Handmade Journal

Here I have two more pages in the Handmade journal that on the third page I was working on, the book fell apart.  I've been able to use cheesecloth to attach the front cover back with the first pages but haven't figured out just yet how I want to fix the bottom stitch that has also pulled away from the complete first signature.  Mind you there are only two holes with one large stitch holding the entire thing together.

I do like painting on this paper :-)

Platinum Carbon Desk fountain pen used for the line work.

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