Thursday, August 30, 2012

Camera and Bear

Here are two more I have accomplished.

The camera was first and boy did I struggle with it!!!!  I'm not normally one to mess with technical subjects that require precision.  But this was a challenge I decided to take on.

At the time I kept asking myself "why" I had to choose this!!  I was tempted to stop mid way (if not before) but glad now I didn't quit.  It's off but I can at least praise myself with following through.

As mentioned in an earlier post - ellipses and cylinders are one of my biggest weak areas and although I do understand how to go about making them correct, I don't like the idea of having to stop while sketching and measure with ruler, vanishing point, and squares/rectangles.   For free-sketching, I just want to learn to observe and judge correctly so I can maintain some sense of spontaneity.

Camera was done using the Noodler's Original Flex pen and for some reason this page grabbed at the pen nib.  I kept having to pull little fine fragments of paper from the nib.  It felt scratchy especially when I went to write my notes.

Now this next one I thoroughly enjoyed!!!!  One of the biggest pluses is the fact there's room for error and still get away with it :-)

The bear was my model and sitting there in the center of the paper just looked so lost so I added the potted plant from imagination.

I love this little bear which used to have a fishing hat and fishing pole but have been misplaced from being set up out of hands of little ones for fear of swallowing the small hooks that were attached to both.  Hopefully one day I'll find where I stashed them (laughing).

This one was done using the Noodler's Konrad with the larger nib and it just moved across the paper with ease.  You do have to be careful though because if you sit with the nib/ink on a spot too long, the ink will bleed or feather out.  One has to be fairly fast and with a light touch when applying the line to paper.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lighthouse - Pen and Ink w/Watercolor

I'm definitely on a roll these days with my sketching and loving it!!!!  Here soon I'll not have access to my computer and other activities may actually slow me down a bit so I'm taking advantage while I can. 

You may be able to read my notes but in case not.............I chose to do this for practice with cylinder shapes and ellipses.  An area I struggle with getting onto paper correctly.

I 'could' bring out the ruler and do the box and vanishing point exercise to get the ellipses proportioned correctly but that's the last thing I want to do.  It's my wish to be able to do so by eye-balling so not to have to stop and do all that measuring.  That just takes away the fun and spontaneous aspect of sketching (at least for me).

Keeping water to a minimum, I was able to apply a light wash of color without it bleeding through the paper.

This one was using the Noodler's Flex (original) and Black ink.  Again no pencil forcing myself to really concentrate on shapes and lines as I worked this.

Handbag - Pen and Ink

While hubby was off babysitting this evening for a few hours, I spent my time sketching. 

This one I took my time on as I didn't use pencil but went straight in with pen and ink.

I've had and used this handbag for YEARS never growing tired of it.  It's made of denim and made very well.  It's not too small and it's not too large.  Light weight with a good solid strap.

This sketch was achieved using the Noodler's Flex (original) pen and black ink.  The nib on this pen makes fine lines whereas the other I use........the Konrad..........has a larger nib making bolder lines which look darker even using a lighter shade ink - Lexington Gray.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sam's Little Buddy - Pen & Ink

After the painting I did of this little bear, I decided to do a few quick sketches of various poses I had this bear in when I took photos during my 2010 trip to the UK.

This only shows three of several.

African Handmade Journal
Noodler's Konrad Pen
Lexington Gray Ink

Pen & Ink - Finch

Using the Noodler's Flex pen with Noodler's black ink

Handmade paper from (South) Africa

UPDATE:  Decided to add a touch of watercolor to my pen/ink sketch.

Used a 3/8" Flat to control the amount of water/paint applied as this paper is thin and bleeds through to back.

Holbein:  Yellow Orange
Daniel Smith:  Cad Yellow Pale and Payne's Gray

Monday, August 27, 2012

Special for a Friend's Son - Sam's Little Buddy

A dear friend I spent two weeks with in the United Kingdom in 2010 has a son who's favorite "buddy" was this little bear.  I took quite a few photos of this little guy with the hopes of painting a little something for Sam.  Finally I'm getting around to doing something!

I chose this one because the bear is poking his head out as if to say " Hiya, Sam!!!  Wanna come in and play with me?"

S&B Journal (beta)

DaVinci #20 Flat (about an inch wide).......I really like this brush!!!

#8 Round

Daniel Smith:  Bt Sienna, Fr Ultramarine, Bt Umber and Cob Blue.  Chose this brand for the muted old painted wood look.

Holbein:  Bt Sienna  as a slight glaze here and there plus Bamboo Green and touch of Marine Blue.

Dip Pen and Sepia Ink

SIDE NOTE:  Because I am saving this as a gift or card idea for Sam, I used FotoSketcher to add the lined frame and some texture.

Here is the original from the journal book without the lined frame or texture that FotoSketcher can create:


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some of My Supplies

I love viewing journal pages other people have done sketching and painting their supplies so I thought I would give it a try in my new journal.

This was not only fun but relaxing too. 

S&B Beta Journal
Holbein:  Fr Ultra, Marine Blue, Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber, Rose Violet, Cobalt Blue, and Light Red
W&N Scarlet Red
#8 Round
Dip pen and Hiro nib

Chimney Pots - United Kingdom

During my visit to the United Kingdom, I was "wowed" by how different the country looks compared to what I've ever seen here in the United States.

Beginning from the descending airplane view taking in the quilted look of the landscape where properties are lined with shrubs to driving around and seeing the stunning castles and cathedrals and thatch roof cottages.  Even transportation is so different with smaller and different shaped vehicles as well as type public transportation system. 

One of the intriguing aspects of buildings that really caught my attention were the chimney pots.  All shapes and sizes as well as the number that might sit on top of some roofs. 

S&B Beta Journal
#8 Round
Daniel Smith:  Bt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Fr Ultram, Paynes Gray
Holbein:  Marine Blue plus Bt Sienna for greens as well as Leaf Green

Dip Pen with FW Acrylic Ink


My Granddaughter's Saturday Afternoon Project

I'm not keen on sharing photos of myself but thought I'd make an exception for my granddaughter, Madison.

Madison (age 9), came over and stayed the afternoon working on making hats.  She made six total to be given as gifts to family and a friend. 

My hat is a sun hat with a picture of me on top and each of our dogs around the brim (Miya, Smudge, and Yorshi).  She made a tie using a bead that slides up to tighten under neck plus added yard strands as a decoration around the hat hanging down in back (papaw helped with that task).

Papaw's (Terry's) hat is a Lincoln Hat or otherwise known as a stove pipe hat. gotta love em' !!!!

Does she not look pleased with herself??!!!!!  (HUGE grin)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wheel Barrel Watercolor Sketch

This is from one of my photographs taken while staying with a dear friend in the UK back in 2010.

Pen & Ink - Dip pen with Sepia ink
Stillman & Birn Beta joural
W&N:  *Winsor Blue (Red), *Bt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Winsor Lemon, Fr Ultra, Neutral Tint
#8 Round

*Thought I would try mixing green with the Winsor Blue and Bt Sienna to compare with Holbein Marine Blue plus Bt Sienna.  Definitely different but still gave me a green.

Test you notice a major goof?  (laughing)  

Comparing Three Brands of Burnt Sienna

I've been trying another mix to create greens - Holbein Marine Blue and Burnt Sienna which is creating a nice variation especially when dropping in or adding Leaf Green.

As far as Bt Sienna, I've read where several artists prefer Winsor & Newton Bt Sienna over other of the same but in different brands.  One of the reasons being WN Bt Sienna is more transparent than most.  With that I decided I wanted to test between three brands (WN, Holbein, and Daniel Smith) I have on hand to see the difference.  The following shows my results.

Winsor and Newton and Holbein are extremely close in color and transparency and would be a toss up for me in choosing.

Now Daniel Smith is definitely different and not as transparent.  But even DS Bt Sienna would be great for a passage if you wanted a more subtle or muted appearance.  For me it would just depend on what I was after.

Comparison done in Stillman & Bern's Beta series journal.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parrot - Watercolor - Stillman & Birn Beta Journal

Tonight I had a chance to see how well the paper in this journal handles lifting.  This paper is turning out to be extremely well suited for the way I paint and techniques I commonly use. In other words.........I'm lovin' it!!!

Pigment lifted beautifully with a 3/8" angular flat (soft - not bristle) without any damage to the paper.  

My application of paint with this particular painting was heavier as I see how well the paper handles the super wet pigment.  I am extremely impressed.  I was able to paint on the back side of this page scanning without seeing any ghost print of this parrot.

Dip Pen with FW Acrylic - Sepia
#8 Round
Holbein - Marine Blue, Fr Ultram, Bamboo Green (used in the body) Leaf Green, Perm Yellow Orange, Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber and W&N Scarlet Lake.

The Marine Blue and Bt Sienna were used for mixing the foliage dropping in Leaf Green in some areas while wet.

Special Note:  I'm trying Scarlet Lake for the first time along with the Perm Yellow Orange................I really like this red and the orange just adds that extra light giving it some pizazz!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boot in the Garden - Stillman & Birn Beta Journal

The more I work in this journal book, the more I'm liking it.  My first impression was good and I'm feeling even better now after several experiments.

Here I worked wet in wet and also glazing.  Glazing was tricky with the moleskine as the underlying wash wanted to lift off easily.  The Handbook soaked in paint/water quickly making it a bit challenging for smooth applications.  Not that either were impossible but took some working.

Glazing on this paper worked out quite nicely.  Underlying washes can still be lifted if not careful but that's with many papers.  But glazing on this paper is better than either the Moleskine or the Handbook (for how I work).

Another thing that impressed me was how nicely you could blend or fade out a brush mark of color.  The brush to me just feels like it glides across the paper.

This was done with a #8 and #10 Round

Dip Pen and Sepia Ink

Daniel Smith:  Fr Ultram, Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Aureolin, Indigo, Lunar Black (I was looking for some granulation) and a touch of Quin Gold to liven up a few areas.

Stillman & Birn Beta Series Journal


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick Sketching Sitting Outside

Done this evening sitting out on the front porch.

It's absolutely gorgeous with cool temps to open windows and air out the house.  Evenings are actually long sleeve or light jacket weather.  MY KIND of weather!!!!  Soooo unusual for August!!!

This is using the Noodler's Konrad and Lexington Gray (Noodler's)


Stillman & Birn with Watersoluble Ink

Here's a quick Tombow sketch to test how water soluble ink flows on this paper.  N-I-C-E!!  Almost too much so.

I found I'll have to be a bit conservative with the water when applying to the ink lines.  Or lighten up with pressure when putting lines down.  Maybe more hit and miss letting brush and water join the lines.

I always have to go through adjustments like this changing back and forth between paper surfaces.

My Rotring is even more potent so after this experiment with the Tombow, I'll have to take even more care.

Added just a touch of watercolor so it wasn't all gray tones.

Used a #8 Round which holds a lot of water.  Think I'll try using a flat as I may be able to better control the water flow.

Page is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

Here's my playing with a combination of water soluble graphite and the Rotring pen with water soluble ink. 

The ink is definitely stronger more potent that takes very little water to make it explode and spread.  I tried adding a touch of watercolor and the ink would just blacken the color.  Only time I could see that the color wasn't polluted is when the area had been wet already and dried. Any ink that had not been hit with water and brush would contaminate the color. 

Another fun exercise as I continue testing how different media behaves on this paper!

The little mini was just an after thought filling the corner.  That was using the Konrad with permanent Lexy Gray ink. 

Hummer Guarding his Food Supply

This was a pen and ink sketch I did before finally going to bed.  The size of the page is 5.5 x 8.5"

Pen used was the dip pen and fine tipped nib with Sepia Ink

Trying to write on this paper proved to be a bit...........challenging.  Nib scratches paper making the ink bleed.  I didn't have that same feel or problem sketching...............go figure.  :-/

I absolutely adore these little creatures!!!  They are so amusing to watch as they defend their food supply chasing each other off.  We had one being chased that flew under an empty turtle shell sitting on our front porch (unfortunately got stuck and he had to be rescued).  Others will perch low under plants on our wire plant stand just waiting and watching above their heads.  Love the chirp and chatter.

It's that time of year when we will see some extras as they start their journey back south.  With that comes more activity.  Then they will be gone until next Spring.  We don't look forward to this time of year knowing in just a few weeks they will be gone :-(

Two Different Primary Trios

With this post I'm sharing two additional primary trios....

The first is using Brown Madder, Quin Gold, and Indigo  - Notice how the Quin Gold and Brown Madder (which is also a quin pigment) adds some real life used with an opaque Blue

The bottom illustration is using Lunar Red Rock, Raw Sienna, and Lunar Blue.  Very subtle earthy feel although the Lunar Red Rock appears a bit pinkish violet in light application.  I goofed when painting in the grass.  Without thinking I dipped into the Sap Green rather than mixing the Lunar Blue and Raw Sienna together.  Didn't notice till too late.

3/8th Angular Flat top illustration and #10 Round bottom.

Dip Pen using FW Acrylic Sepia was used on the bottom illustration and didn't make a note of what I used for the first. Using the dip pen with the Hiro nib was nice..........didn't quite glide like the Noodler's Konrad but I still enjoyed using it on this paper.

This is a page from the Stillman & Birn Beta series Journal book which is 180lb Cold Press.


Wells Cathedral 2010

Back in 2010, my husband and I were invited to stay with a lovely family in the UK.  During the two week stay, they so graciously took us around to many places to show us a little bit of their world.  Can't wait till we go back!!!!

This watercolor sketch is of the carving or statue that was part of the Wells Cathedral.  What grabbed my attention with this particular carving were the pigeons and how they were sitting ........ one on each hand (one of which was broken off) and then a white pigeon sitting on the head.  All around you could see what appeared to be nesting material.

The sketch was done first using the Noodler's Konrad Flex pen and Lexington Gray.  The lines this pen creates is a bit bolder than the original Flex pen.  The nib glides freely over the surface of this paper.

Stillman and Birn Beta series - 180 lb Cold Press  (I'm really loving this paper compared to Moleskine and Handbook)

#10 Round trying to maintain a loose rendering of the subject

Daniel Smith - Raw Sienna, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber, Fr Ultram, Paynes Gray, and a green mix that was still on my palette from another painting session.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tonight's Experiment with African Handmade Paper

I wanted to test to see how the paper in the hand-made book handled a light wash.  Already seeing what ink will do, I knew I couldn't apply a very wet application.

Using Indigo and my #8 round, I did this simple watercolor sketch.  Still fluid enough for light wash and heavier with the darks

It bled through as I knew it would but with light application and it's easy to see areas I used more water in the mix.  The one major thing noticed is how the texture of the back of the page really comes through with wet application.

The Noodler's Konrad pen was used with Lexington Gray ink.


Second Sketch - Handmade Book from Africa

Here's one more I wanted to do before going to bed.  This is from a photo I took of the many beautiful buildings in Wells, Somerset - England.  If I remember correctly this was either part of or near the Vicar's Close and Cathedral.

This one I worked lightly in pencil first.  Then went over with Lexington Gray ink using a Konrad Noodler's Flex.

This pen is fatter than my other flex pen.  The nib is larger as well.

The nib sailed across this paper with very smooth application of ink.  I had to be careful with this one because I noticed some areas especially in curves the ink went down heavy into the paper wanting to bleed or feather.  Like the paper grabbed the ink.

This is my first time using this particular fountain pen.  I like how smooth it writes but wish it were as fine as my other Noodler's pen.  But between the two, I might be able to take advantage with the more vivid line this pen puts down for added emphasis in areas I need to stand out.  Maybe use the other for more subdued line work to help depict distance.

This building as well as the door in previous post are from photos I took while on holiday in the UK two years ago.

Handmade from South Africa - First Entry

Back in 2008, a very close friend of mine living in South Africa sent me a package for my birthday.  It didn't arrive for many months as it got lost in the mail and also appeared to have been opened and re-taped.  To add insult to injury, the package was damaged by the time it finally arrived.

Inside, one of the items was this handmade book.  Some of the embellishments were broken into small pieces.  Nothing I could do to try to save them.  Even with that, the book is lovely and one I'll always treasure!!!

Besides a note on the inside, Rentia included one of her original paintings.  It's glued to the first page.

I've held off doing anything inside the book as I didn't want to mess it up.  Tonight I decided I was going to bring it out and jump in before I chickened out again.

Front Book Cover

Back Cover

Inside Cover and First Page
Painting by Rentia Pauley

And my first Entry - Pen & Ink - Noodler's Flex with Black Ink

I struggled with this one.  I normally stay clear of doing too much with architectural elements unless an old building where angles don't really matter (to me anyways).  The metal designs were a real challenge........especially trying to make the top and bottom match.

This was done with pen/ink only - no pencil using the Original Noodler's Flex pen and black ink.  Let me tell you..........I was so tempted a few times to grab my pencil to save me from royally messing up, but I hung in there and did this without reaching for the pencil.

I don't normally hesitate to use pencil guidelines but now and then I like to challenge myself to work on my observational skills.  

I really like how the paper handled the pen and ink.  It does bleed through to the back as the paper is rather thin.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Da Vinci Flat Brush and Painting

With this one, I don't think I'd win any ribbons but I sure had fun playing with this brush that created it!

The brush I used is one of the Da Vinci Cosmotop Spint Flat Wash brushes which is only about an inch wide (the smallest they offer).  Perfect for the size paintings I enjoy doing.

I saw this brush on Brenda Swenson's DVD and immediately sent off for one.

I have the Sterling Edward's smallest bristle flat I love using for special effects but was wanting a similar size brush made with the softer synthetic fibers.
This brush holds water and paint nicely.  It creates crisp edges, which I really like.  And it feels nice in the hand.

Trying to see what it could do, I painted this little scene entirely with the flat.  The only other brush I used was a 3/8" angular flat for lifting - creating the sapling in front of the larger tree, rocks, moon, and the reflection of the moon.

The texture on the tree was using the davinci brush lifting some pigment and dropping darker pigment in other areas.

Painted on a 5 x 7" block of Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold Press

Daniel Smith - Sap Grn, Fr Ultra, Bt Sienna, Bt Umber and a touch of Hansa Yellow.


Stillman and Birn Beta Journal Book

Today's been like Christmas for me.................all my art goodies came in.

I couldn't wait to start using my new journal book!!  It's a Stillman and Birn Beta hard cover stitch-bound journal.  5 1/2 x 8 1/2 " and 26 Sheets (52 Pages)

Specs (see more about these journals following link under book):

  • Natural White - 180 lb Cold Press Paper
  • Withstands multiple erasures
  • Superior wet and tear strength
  • Nice tooth but not too toothy (don't you like that description?)
  • Archival - Neutral PH

My first entry is comparing Dip Pen with different inks.  I wanted to see how the paper in this book handled the ink whether it would feel scratchy or ink bleed.  Neither with the Hiro Leonardt nib or the various inks.

Three of the inks are made by Noodler's (Black, Lexington Gray, and #41 Brown) but from what other people say behave differently........not just different colors.  Some apparently do not "grab" the surface of sized paper very well or consistently causing issues when applying watercolor.  I'm not experienced enough with pen and ink to really say much about this.  I can only go by my own experimentation on the paper surfaces I use.

The other ink is FW Acrylic Artists ink.  It's sepia but sure looks like black on all the paper surfaces I've tried it on to include this one.  Maybe a little "richer" than the Noodler's Black and Lexington Gray.

With my own first comparison between Noodler's Black and Lexington Gray, the results were basically identical.  I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them.  They both look like the same "black."  On this paper they both dried quickly and took watercolor wash beautifully without any bleed or smearing.

The Noodler's #41 Brown is a lovely color to me.  I do understand fountain pens don't do well with this color pigment as it tends to clog.  With my using a dip pen, I have no worries with that happening.  It too dried quickly on the paper and took wash without bleed or smearing.

The FW Acrylic took a little while to dry.  I haven't yet applied wash over it but if anything like on other papers I've used to include Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold Press, I won't have a problem.  I just have to make sure it's dry before I attempt adding paint.

So how do I feel about this new paper surface?  Promising!!!!

I was one who really liked the Moleskine watercolor journal but didn't care for the fact it's only offered in landscape orientation.  And they have no plans of offering portrait as I wrote and asked them.  This journal book reminds me a little of the Moleskine with the heavy weight paper and feel of the surface.  I've not played with it long enough to really say too much though comparing between the two.

Now compared to the Handbook by Global Art............there's actually no comparison.  The Handbook is more of a general purpose paper surface that is not sized in the same fashion and not as thick.  It soaks in moisture making it a little difficult to paint wet in wet.  Not impossible but definitely a bit of a challenge.  The Stillman and Birn Beta paper is wonderful for wet in wet.  You have time to work before the paper grabs or absorbs the paint/water.

I have a lot more play ahead of me, which I look forward of which is testing the ease of lifting watercolor once it's dry.

In's looking good!!!  The only thing I wish is that it came in a smaller size.  I enjoy using the 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 size journal books like offered in the Handbook.

Here are my first two pages of experimenting with pen/ink and watercolor plus close-ups

NOTE:  The handwriting is not in any of the Inks I'm using for sketching and painting over.  I've used a Micron pen for my notes.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Final Page in Mini Handbook

It's 4:06 a.m. (as I post this) and you can see I'm still up and going strong.  Well not quite.

That last blank 2-page spread was calling out to me to do something to finalize this journal and so I did.

My intent was to complete with this bear and vase filling most of the area.  Well, it didn't exactly turn out that way leaving this little guy looking lost in all that surrounding open space.  So I added a photo frame that has a picture of my youngest son, Travis (won't he be thrilled!).

This is the 3.5 x 5.5 book so you can imagine just how small the illustration is.  I felt like I was using a mop brush (probably due to how tired I felt) painting a postage stamp size illustration.  Thank goodness for a good sharp point on this brush.

When I started this, I used the side of my 9B pencil roughing in the area.  I could have erased and started over making the bear bigger but decided I wasn't going to do that.  I HAVE to learn to better judge size and placement so I felt this was a good lesson by leaving as is and making note just what happened.

Next I applied watercolor and then added the pen/ink using a Dip Pen and Sepia ink.  I wish now I had done the pen/ink work first and then applied the wash of watercolor.  Maybe then the lines wouldn't look so stark.  Live and learn ;-)

This concludes this journal book and tomorrow I hope to find my new Stillman and Birn journal book is amongst the packages waiting for me to pick up!! 

First Package Arrived

Within the last month or so I've been following closely a group where several people have been sharing their excitement and experiences using pens, nibs, various type papers, journal books, and various other supplies.

Wanting to "test the waters" with some of these neat goodies, I set off to get a jump on Christmas shopping......................for me :-)

A few packages have arrived but sitting in town until I get over there to pick them up.  One was delivered where I used to work (error on the part of the one making the order - won't mention any names) and my daughter-in-law who works in the same industrial park picked it up to bring home to me. 

This first package of goodies included a few bookbinding supplies, a pen holder and nib set, and a couple of brushes. 

This is only a *quick sketch of the pen set and brushes.

OOOPS............don't I feel daft!!!  I just noticed what I wrote in the book for that little brush.  It is NOT a DBlick Travel but instead a paste brush (as I roll my eyes).

Handbook journal book (next to last page)

Holbein Pigments - RSienna, BtSienna, Cad Rd Lt, Neutral Tint, and CobBlue

#8 Round

Dip pen and nib (found only recently I had on hand) and Sepia Acrylic ink

When I went into this, I really wasn't sure how to depict the clear bag so I just winged it hoping for the best.

I've actually tried using the new pen holder and  nibs on regular paper but that's an entirely different story and not sure I'm ready to disclose my first experience just yet.  It wasn't exactly a positive one and I'm going to have to give it a chance before I really comment or show examples.

*Quick - my definition of quick (for myself) is a sketch completed anytime within 10 minutes to an hour (if you include pen sketching, scanning, painting, drying and rescanning).  I've been working really diligently to  not overwork nit-picking everything to death.  I'm trying really hard not to go back in once I lay the color down.  It's taking a lot of self-discipline and I think slowly I'm succeeding.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Primary Color Trio Examples

Here are a few sample charts I have made trying out various primary color trio combinations.  I do plan to create more at some point using various brands and maybe other trio combinations not shown here.

Some of these are intense either due to the pigment characteristics or my own hand in laying down pigments (more concentrated vs less with more water).


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Sharing - My Brain Hasn't Totally Shut Down

A great deal of my time is spent surfing the internet reading other art blogs.  Besides the content, I also take notice to the layout of each blog.  I've seen some neat aspects like custom banner images and tabs but thought maybe the author had a special paid blog.

Well today I decided to do some research to see how one goes about making custom changes and if it was restricted to paid accounts (if there is such a thing through blogger).  What I discovered is that anyone can make custom's just a matter of learning how to go about it.

After viewing a few videos and articles along with trial and error............I have finally customized my own layout and love it!!!

At first I just wasn't sure if I'd be able to do what I was hoping to do.  It seems the older I get the more my brain rebels learning and processing new stuff.........especially technical.  I don't look forward to learning new programs anymore (I used to enjoy the challenge),  and I have a horrible time with changes or upgrades to existing programs or even sites like facebook.   Even blogger is changing their interface and I have been dragging my feet making the change.

I'm tickled to bits that not only did I customize my blog page, I'm proud to say I also made the jump with the new blogger interface and actually like it. 

Potpourri Angel - Ink and watercolor

I know I'm excited about finishing this sketchbook but it sure wasn't my intention of trying to do so in one night!  I now only have two 2-page spreads remaining before this one is done.

Just one of those nights where I couldn't sleep so I spent the time sketching and painting.  Can't be all bad.........right?

These bring back lots of memories.  I may have to get back into making some of these for new family members.  They were well received years ago when I made them as gifts!

Here are the steps I took to do this illustration:  9B Pencil using mainly the side, dip pen/ink, and then watercolor.

The Handbook - 3.5 x 5.5"
Holbein - RS, Aliz Cr, Cad Red Lt, CobBl, Bt Sienna, Bamboo Grn, Sap Grn, and Ind
#8 Round

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