Monday, November 7, 2016

Sketch Crawl Work in Color - Lake Sumter, The Villages I ended up taking color to the two pages I originally worked in graphite and sprayed with a workable fixative.

Added the color using a dagger brush and after that was dry, I used my Lamy Safari with Lexington gray ink for inking.  I even tried wet in wet over the fixative and had no problems.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Working Watercolor over Spray Fixative

Wanted to share the results of working graphite with a spray fixative and adding color afterwards using watercolor.

Here is a section of the sketch crawl page I worked in graphite:

Using Blair, Very Low Odor Spray Fix, I sprayed the page with enough coverage to where I knew the graphite wouldn't smudge.  I spray lightly so not to get runs holding the can about a foot away from the surface.slowly sweeping back and forth.

Once I knew it was completely dry (which this stuff dries quickly), I applied light washes of watercolor.  Because there is a coating over that graphite, when I apply the watercolor, it doesn't turn all muddy like it would if applying directly over top without the spray.  The sprayed surface is like working on internal and external sized papers.

And, like painting on sized paper surfaces, if you go back over top a painted area, it could lift the previous layer back off.  Just need to use a light touch.  In my case I was using a dagger brush for this because it's soft.

Once the watercolor was dry, I went back in with my Lamy Safari pen and Lexington Gray ink.  I chose the Lamy because it has a super fine nib applying just enough ink without taking over the graphite (mainly to emphasize just a bit some areas).

Did the same thing with this guy at the table......

Boats at Lake Sumter Landing

This was actually done a few days ago from photos I had taken last year when Terry and I went to Lake Sumter Landing.  There are various areas with boats out in the lake anchored in place just for viewing.  All the boats have female names like this.  Not sure if there's any significance to that or just for show.

I used two pens for this one.  Used the Platinum Carbon pen for the initial sketch, painted with watercolor, and then went back over using my Lamy Safari as the nib is a dryer feed which works better for me when going over watercolor.

The day I took the pictures, it was very cloudy and dismal looking.  I worked this as if a nice sunny day with the brighter colors and tones.

Hand sewn journal with Fabriano Artistico 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Sketch Crawl - Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages

Ohhhhhhhhh what a wonderful day this has been!!  Couldn't have asked for better weather too!

The group of about 12 today met up at Lake Sumter Landing at 9 a.m. this morning.  Had a little meeting and then everyone disbursed heading in various directions.  There is soooooo much in this area one could spend hours or days or even months capturing on paper.

Before the majority showed up, Alice came to sit with me and I shared with her one of my hand made spiral journals made several months ago as well as an accordion fold journal I had made.  She's new to working in sketchbooks and journals and thought she might like having a couple different type journals to try out.

After the meeting when everyone showed up, three of us (Tina, Kathy, and myself) headed for Starbucks (I believe that was the place) to get coffee and while the other two were in line, I waited at a table.  Grabbed my sketchbook and thought.......I only have a few minutes, what can I quickly sketch in that time.  I chose this guy half sitting in his chair at another table.  I was actually surprised I did as much as you see on the page as I'm normally slow.  (Working on that)

After they bought their drinks, Tina headed one way and Kathy and I headed in the opposite direction to sketch the restrooms that looks like beach bath houses.

At that point Carol arrived and the three of us headed back towards where we started along the boardwalk and water.

Kathy wanted to sketch a partially sunken rusty boat and I decided I wanted to sketch the tower in the opposite direction.

About an hour before it was time to meet up for lunch, I decided to walk around a bit.  Took a few pictures and then headed back towards the water and sat down sketching the lamp on the post and the no fishing sign.

At lunch we all sat and shared what we had done.  Ate and then everyone went their separate ways.

I still don't feel comfortable painting out in public.  I'm normally an introvert not feeling real at ease out in public anyways.  But that's something I'm working on using art as a means to help me through this.  I'm finally meeting people I can see face to face and spend time with who enjoy doing the same things I like to do.  I love my internet friends who share the same passion but it's really nice to have bodies to sit next to.....sketch....and have a conversation as well.

Ohhhh, and my art kit on wheels worked out beautifully too!!!

I chose my hand sewn journal of Fabriano Artistico 140lb cold press watercolor paper to work in.  Using a mechanical pencil, I worked these sketches in the numerical order shown on the pages.  My plan was to use pencil first, go back over with pen and ink later, and then take watercolor to the pages.  However, after I got home, I decided to go back over with darker pencil and leave as graphite sketches.  I may spray the pages and then at a later time use ink and watercolors but I'm happy with just the pencil sketches.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sketchcrawl Art Tote on Wheels

We are having another sketchcrawl tomorrow morning and I've been working on what I want to carry with me this time.

The Darsey Field Bag is great but limits what one can take with them.  Plus after a few hours, the weight of the bag on my shoulder and neck starts bothering me.  And besides, this time I wanted to carry a few of my completed sketchbooks plus more than one not finished.  The Darsey Field Bag would not have accommodated my needs.

One of the ladies in the group brought a laptop case on wheels last time.  I thought that was a fantastic idea and started looking in maybe getting one.

Problem for me...........I just felt it might be too much or too big for what I want to carry.  My husband has one I played with plus I have an under seat luggage piece on wheels that was even bigger.  Just didn't do it for me.

Scrounging around through all my bags and luggage, I came up with the perfect combination.

I had a plastic folding trolley with wheels purchased years ago I'd never used.  And I used to carry my art supplies on vacation in a diaper bag which is probably 15 to 20 years old.  It's just the right size for my needs at this point.  Later I can strap on a backpack should I find I need a larger bag.

I put these two together using the straps that came with the trolley plus a few velcro strips.  I strapped it so I didn't have to remove the straps each time I wanted something in the bag and all pockets easily accessible.

The first few pictures show from different angles how I've set this up:

Rather than trying to zip the top of the diaper bag, I attached a piece of velcro that I can use to pull the front handle of the bag towards the back.  Notice the board hanging at top?  The velcro strips there are long enough I can fold the board over front to get out of my way for any reason.

 The diaper bag of course has a side pocket for carrying a baby bottle.  Perfect spot for my insulated cup or water bottle.  There's a mesh pocket on the opposite side as well.

This picture shows the front flap of a pocket open where I will keep my paint palette and pens.

Here is the set-up with handle extended for walking and pulling behind me.

Now I bet you're wondering what that board hanging from the top is for.........right?  It's a table using my knees/legs to hold one end while the handle set mid way supports the far end.  The velcro can be easily adjusted higher or lower depending upon the height I'm sitting (in chair, on step, etc.)

This way I don't have to hold the sketchbook in my hand while trying to sketch.

So what do I do if I want to paint?  Inside the bag I will also carry this thick piece of cardboard I cut from the back of a watercolor block of paper.  The smaller clips are to hold the cardboard in place in the back of my sketchbook and then the larger clips to hold my palette in place.

And rather than worry about a cup of water, I will probably just stick with using a waterbrush.

I'm ready to go!!!  :-)

UPDATE:  Had a chance to try it out and it worked out great!!!  One of the gals took these photos.......

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