Monday, May 2, 2016

Exercise For My Granddaughter

Few days ago, my granddaughter made comment she was glad to see me active again with my sketching and painting.  That when I'm not doing anything, she doesn't feel like it either.  That I'm her inspiration and motivation.

I remember feeling that way myself when closely interacting with others I admire in the Art field. When they were going through down times, I too would lose interest and it would only return when my inspirational friends were back in the game.  I've since then learned to rely on my own (rather than other people)......with ups and downs........but took me many years.  Others still inspire me but the motivation to pick up that pen and paint is solely on me.

Thinking about this and after reviewing one of my Craftsy courses by Paul Heaston, I worked this little exercise hoping to get my granddaughter back into her artwork.

I set up this little still life of makeup I used to use many moons ago.  Not sure why I hang onto it as I've not used makeup in forever.  But makes a nice still life with the simple shapes.

The first step I want for my granddaughter to work through is contour drawing of what she sees in the photo......keeping it simple.  I asked her to use either pencil or pen but if she elects to use pencil, NOT to use an eraser but instead accept the lines she puts down on paper and work with that.  I chose pen so not to be tempted to make corrections myself :-)

Then I want her to sit and view Mr. Heaston's videos on hatching and cross hatching giving those simple shapes some form.

Here's my quick sketch.....flaws and all.  I may change the set up a bit and sketch a few more just for my own practice.  

One of the things I personally need to work out in my own mind is when to use what hatch marks when like direction, spacing, etc.  Spacing not so much as I do understand spacing determines the value of an area.  But directional hatching I'm still not quite sure.........especially on flat areas.  Maybe there is no true rhyme or reason but instead what each individual feels like doing to make an area look right to their own eyes for volume and depth.

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain pen used in the Strathmore Grey sketchbook.

Now I'm waiting for Miss Madison to do her exercise :-)


SusanA said...

Good advice to rely on ourselves for inspiration and to commit to our lines without erasing. I need to work on both of those things myself! I don't enjoy crosshatching, but that could be because I don't have much practice with it. Your drawing came out nice. I can read the form of each object quite clearly. Maybe I should check out that Craftsy course. I've taken others on that site that I've really enjoyed. I hope Miss Madison is inspired, both by your work and encouragement and by her own inner artist!

lee kline said...

Your granddaughter is a lucky girl, Susan.

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