Monday, April 25, 2011

75 Day Sketch Challenge - Days 52 through 55

Day 55

Most people cringe when they see these popping up in their lawns.  I must be strange because I love the yellow flower heads and think it's unique how they all turn to white tiny fairies flying around in the air.  Of course hubby will be out with his weed and feed and these will all be gone.  Until then I'll silently take in the bright yellows popping up amongst the dark greens.

Day 54

These little leafy plants are also popping up all over the place.  They are very small and mid to dark green.  They remind me of a wild strawberry only I think strawberry plants they have three leaf clusters rather than five.  These are not in the poison family although they do remind me of them as well.   Too small.

Day 53

Our mobile home or home away from home is located in a field.  If the field is left to grow without cutting, the grasses are light golden brown and very tall.   Of an early evening, the tall grassy field has this golden glow as the sun is lowering in the sky.  
These sketches are new growth sprouting and going to seed of various grasses.  This is in addition to the little blue and lavender flowers I'm finding sprouting all over the place plus the yellows from the dandelions in full bloom.

Day 55

While babysitting the granddaughters, there was a box on the counter that had this design.  This is just a quick sketch of that design.


Anonymous said...

Great sketches, very good detail!!

Susan Bronsak said...

Sorry for the delay.......thank you for your comment. :-)

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