Monday, April 18, 2011

New Journal Book

Thought I would try out a new journal book purchased based on feedback I've seen by other artists.  This is the Handbook Journal from Dick Blick.

The first two pages shows samples between writing and illustrations using pencil, micron pen 02, Rotring pen, Tombow marker, and watercolor with waterbrush and with regular round brush.

The first thing I noticed was that the left or back side of each page is different than the right or front side of each page.  The left seems more textured which seems at first trial to be absorbent than the right side.  Water and pigment absorbed much more quickly than the right or front side of the pages.  Wet in wet on the front or right side behaved differently with colors moving and mingling whereas on the left or back sides didn't.

The scanner I'm using scanned the buff colored pages in a strange way.  Some areas are showing white which isn't true and the buff area shouldn't show quite this dark.   I really should learn to use my camera for taking photos of my artwork!!!

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