Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Absence

Seems like forever since I last posted anything.  We were hit by lightening a couple of weeks ago......or I should say my computer was hit along with my son's router and the other evening his kitchen stove.  We've experienced some really bad storms this year; and, even with all the electronic protection, we still got zapped.  So I've been down while waiting to have my computer repaired and re-installing programs.

In the interim, the baby birds that hatched are 10 days old.  I've been watching them daily grow from naked little things to these darling fluff balls with developing wings.  It's been quite an experience watching mom and dad carry on the task of feeding four hungry and growing youngsters.  It's just unbelievable to have been given the opportunity to watch the parents build their nest, to laying eggs, seeing the babies hatch, and now them growing.  By this weekend according to what I've researched, these little fluff balls should be ready to test their wings.

Along with watching the wrens, we've had hummingbirds like we've never had before.  Nothing like standing there and having near a dozen hummers battling all around you.  So close you can feel the breeze from their wings.  A couple hovering in front of my face checking me out and sitting within a couple of inches from me on the feeders.  This has been incredible for us this year!!!

Hopefully I'll feel up to drawing and painting some of what I've been experiencing soon.  :-D

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Spiritartartist said...

Glad you're B A C K ! Love your little birds!!

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