Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sandpiper Pencil Sketches

My work days were long this week and I found myself super restless up and down out of my chair - walking outside often just to get up and about.  On Thursday I stepped outside the office door into the parking area and to the right I saw this bird.  It looked familiar from birds I'd seen somewhere but couldn't place it at the time. 

Quietly and quickly going back inside I grabbed my camera hoping he was still out there when I returned.  Sure enough he was.

I stood still taking pictures as he came closer and hopped all around me.

This morning I searched the internet to find out what kind of bird and it was a sandpiper.  A bird I've seen only at the beach.  Was really strange for this loner to be here in the middle of West Virginia in an Industrial Park no less.

These are quick gesture like sketches from three of the photos I took.  Using an HB on its side for most of the sketching in my Handbook sketchbook.

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