Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chickadee in Watercolor

One of my favorite birds happens to be the Black Capped Chickadee!!  I love their acrobatics and to me they are just plain cute!!

We had one that flew into our glass door a few weeks ago and it knocked the wind out of him!  He was laying on his side and I thought for sure it was a fatal blow.  I went to get a paper towel and when I returned, he was sitting upright.  When I went outside, he still just sat there.  I actually stroked the top of his head and he stood still until I stood back up and shifted position.  Then off he flew.  I was so relieved to see he was OK.

Playing with Hotpress paper (Fabriano Artistico 140lb)

Daniel Smith:  RS, BU, Ind, PGry, FrU, Cer Bl, Sap and Peryl Green

#8 Round

005 Micron pen - black

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Anonymous said...

I love chickadees too! They are one of a few birds who brave the winter here and their cheeriness is so refreshing

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