Friday, April 6, 2012

Professional Attire

Back in December on a Sunday.......the previous owners (and our neighbor) who'd been here in the house my husband just purchased, left for where they reside in Maryland (the house here being their retirement home).  It was morning and the first thing we took notice to was a For Sale sign that was posted at the end of their driveway.

We texted my daughter-in-law who is a real estate agent as soon as we saw the sign asking if they had taken notice.  Those neighbors were not exactly the friendliest of people so my son and his wife were quite ecstatic to see they were selling.  So was my husband!!!!

There are only two pieces of property up son's property with his house and a mobile home we were staying in (3 1/2 acres) and the house that was now on the market (almost 19 acres).  The rest is all woodland owned by a gas company.

I asked if we could see the house and within the hour, we were all marching down the driveway and across the field to see the property and house (4 adults and two little girls).

It's cold with some snow still on the ground in places and we are all in our pajamas and housecoats. 

This watercolor sketch is for my a real estate agent..............probably the only time in her career she will ever have experienced such an informal and easy showing as she did this day. 
Get a load of her "professional" attire........her everyday robe with Christmas PJs. (Those are little snowmen on her pj bottoms)

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