Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Scribbler - Having a Bit of Fun

I came across a post about a "Scribbler" on Ann Mortimer's Blog.  Following the link provided, it took me to this online program page that lets you scribble and save the results.  You can use your mouse - not having to have a special digital tablet and pen.

First attempt was me just diving in without taking notice there are controls you can change (primarily brush size).

Next I thought I would try a quick landscape.  Again not checking into controls.

With this third sketch, I played with the brush size controls.  I found I had better control with elements looking a little more realistic.  The leaves and this landscape I like the best.  Although the middle one has a unique look to it.

This was indeed fun and only taking a few minutes for each.   The Scribbler can be found at:

UPDATE:  I went back to mess around a little more and learned you can change colors too.  I prefer the black on white rather than messing with the colors.

Like having a new toy...........I find myself venturing back to the Scribbler when I sit back down at my desk.  Here's another one......

Can you tell I'm enjoying this new discovery???  Just random ideas coming to my head and doodling away in between reading the news, catching up on Facebook, the forum, and texting with my brother about my nephew graduating this evening.


Elizabeth Smith said...

Wow - nice sketches! I've heard of Scribbler but not had a chance to explore it. You make it look mighty tempting!! Thanks for your notes on the brush sizes, etc. Happy sktching!

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun! I'm not much into screen time, but this might be useful. I'll look into it. Thanks for posting!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Elizabeth and Suzie. Hope if you check out the program that you too have a bit of fun :-)

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