Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cathy Johnson's Ink and Wash Mini Course

Although I have been working quite a lot with ink and wash for some time now, I jumped on Cathy Johnson's new mini course.

This lady is a jewel and I love her various ways of teaching between the books she has out, DVD courses, DVD course downloads, Online Classes, YouTube Videos, and her self paced Mini Courses.

Her work is spontaneous and her teaching methods extremely down to earth full of great examples for incentive.  To me her approach reaching out to folks is beautifully encouraging.  I think what strikes me the most about her is the fact she doesn't push her way as the only way to do things.  She shares her experience helping to lead or direct but leaving it up to the individual to be free with their own personal expression in handling the materials, tools, and methods she covers. 

If interested in this course or any of her other courses and instruction, please check out the following:

Ink and Wash Mini Course 

Other Mini Courses and Online Workshops

Cathy Johnson's Books through Amazon

YouTube Videos

Instructional CDs/DVDs

It's because of this lady I have changed direction by working in art journals.  To me this has proven to be the most gratifying for myself.  Fun and relaxing without all the fears of getting everything so perfect.  To be more spontaneous and free to express whatever one might wish to on any given day.  Learning it's OK and in fact a positive to make mistakes from which we truly learn from. 

Getting back to the mini course, I decided to take the newest she just released yesterday.........Ink and Wash.  I have received the first lesson which includes a pdf file and links to videos as well as links to some of the pens she happens to mention.

So far after reading through the first lesson, I've dug out my various pens and decided to do a quick play with them.  This is just the beginning..........a rough idea on standard paper before diving into my journal book.  From this I plan to sit and map out how I want to proceed practicing with the information provided in her first lesson.

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