Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last Week's Doctor's Visit

Not much to say about this as it states on the page.  A lot of people sketch their surroundings when in a doctor's office..........I chose to sketch what I was there for.

Graphite - Mechanical pencil (HB) in Epsilon journal.  Stump used for the shading.


Melody said...

Naughty toe, tell it to stand up on it's own, no leaning!
Hope it straightens up soon; No fun having a toe with a bad attitude!
...and a lovely drawing of your appendages by the way!

Susan Bronsak said...

Hi Melody!!! The doc is saying it's a form of hammertoe? Not sure exactly what that means in future. The pad on the bottom does keep pressure off the toe area so it doesn't hurt making me walk on the side of my foot. I guess this is a trial for a more permanent special insole. I find out more next visit. And thank you on the sketch itself :-))

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