Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Queen Anne's Lace - Pen and Ink

My youngest granddaughter picked some of these for me several days ago.  I've sat and studied them wanting to attempt to capture on paper.  Last night I finally did so.

Worked in the 4 x 6 Alpha journal using my Platinum Carbon fountain pen.


Karla said...

Susan, I am continually inspired by your sketches. I look forward to your daily posts. Your sketches are amazing. Do you sit down in the evenings to sketch? It amazes me that it is a part of your daily life. You never seem to run out of things to sketch. I am working on sketching daily. I am trying out the 4x6 alpha and the 5x5 handbook. Thanks for the inspiration. Karla

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Karla for the beautiful comment. My mind seems to be in a constant mode where everything I see, I'm looking at colors or shapes thinking I want to try and capture that. As for when I sketch, it's normally in the evenings when things are quiet. I do have my favorite subjects I tend to go back to but I try to make myself do other subjects as well. I never know from day to day what that might be :-))

Hope you find you enjoy the Alpha journal. It is so neat filling these journal books and then sitting and flipping back through viewing the work and reading the notes I might add.

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