Monday, November 11, 2013

Fountain Pens Comparison

Tonight I've been playing with each of my fountain pens comparing nib size and ink flow.  Thought I would share the following with you:

NOTES:  My own personal thoughts

a.  I have two Pilot Preras (both Fine nib) and each feeds ink differently.  One dryer than the other (which I like)
b.  Love the feel of the shorter pens in my hand.
c.  The Platinum Carbon pen is a desk pen with a long thin tapering barrel.  We cut it just below where the cartridge sits inside in order to post the cap.
d.  The Lamy Safari is a nice pen but I find the squared barrel to start hurting my hand after a long period of time.
e.  Both Noodler Flex pens have to be jump started for ink flow by dipping in water.  Other pens with the same ink doesn't do that for some reason.  The Creaper to me feeds better but it might just be a nib adjustment to make the Konrad flow properly.
f.  The Hero 578 is a bent nib calligraphy pen.  It's metal and quite heavy.  Large in my hand and I can't use it for any real length of time before having to take a break. It is a fun pen to play with!
g.  My top two favorite pens are the Pilot Prera #3 above (the dryer feed allows me better control with values) and the Platinum Carbon.  My preference is using a pen with the finer nib point and with the Lexington Gray ink because it's not as stark as black.

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